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Rhinoplasty: Surgical VS Non-Surgical

Let’s talk Rhinoplasty. The “Nose Job”.

As the focal point of the face, the nose can greatly influence our confidence, beauty and health. By undergoing a Rhinoplasty procedure (also known as a nose job) this can help disproportionately sized and shaped noses to completely balance facial features!

If you are thinking about a Nose Job, but unsure whether under-going surgery is really necessary, we hope our Surgical VS. Non-Surgical will help you make the right decision…



Surgical: Surgical Rhinoplasty has a much more permanent result! The surgery is completely tailored to you and therefore what happens is greatly dependent upon your primary focus. It also allows you to reduce the size of your nose, and not just re-shape.

Here at Zenith, we also offer a lifetime of aftercare & support and any follow up appointments are included in the price of procedure.

Non-Surgical: This procedure only takes around 1 hour to complete and requires no downtime afterwards! It is also much cheaper than a surgical Rhinoplasty, and less invasive.


Surgical: You will not feel any pain during the actual procedure as the surgery is performed using a general anaesthetic, meaning that you will be put to sleep. Surgical Rhinoplasty is split into two categories; Open and Closed…

Open Rhinoplasty is usually used when the aim is to reduce the size of the nose, a small incision is made between the nostrils and the skin on your nose is then folded upwards which provides a clear view for the surgeon!

Closed Rhinoplasty means that all incisions are made inside your nasal passage way so there are no visible scars. This surgery is usually used to reshape the tip of the nose and can sometimes be performed using only a local anaesthetic!

Non-Surgical: The doctor can apply a local anaesthetic, if necessary, to make you comfortable and then the filler is inserted into your nose. There are two methods to do this - either a very fine needle is used, or a blunt tube (cannula) is inserted through a pinprick. The cannula is our preferred method as it is much safer.

It is our normal practice to do the treatment over 2-3 sessions, to gradually add the filler, so as not to cause build-up of excessive pressure.


Surgical: After your surgery, a nasal splint will be placed over your nose for support, and nasal packing inside the nose provides additional support. The nasal packing will affect your ability to breathe, and it may take some time to adjust. You face will be puffy and the areas around your eyes may swell, you are also likely to experience some facial bruising and a little discomfort.

As you will have prescribed medication to take after the surgery, pain should be manageable and minimal with the right pain relief. You will be given appropriate painkillers, and then after that you can take paracetamol on its own to combat any discomfort. You will need to sleep and rest with your head propped up with pillows for a few days to reduce swelling and to prevent rolling onto you cast and splint.

Your surgical packing will be removed after four to seven days, and the splint will be removed after 7-10 days. On average, you will need 7-days recovery time after your surgery, and should avoid strenuous exercise for 6-weeks.

Non-Surgical: There is very little downtime after having filler injects and you can usually return to normal activities straight away. You might me asked not to wear makeup around the area for a few hours, but other than that you can resume with your day. You may experience a small amount of bruising or swelling and redness at the needle entry points.

How long will it last?

Surgical: This is the procedure with the more permanent results!

Non-Surgical: You will see the initial results immediately! Depending on the type of filler used during your procedure, your result should last at 6 - 18 months. Most people don't need any top ups for 12 months, but this does depend on your skin quality and whether or not you smoke.

The costs

Surgical: Depending on the complexity of the procedure, the costs do vary and usually start from £3,060.00

Non-Surgical: £450.00


To summarise...

Overall, yes… Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is a fantastic and super effect quick-fix. It’s affordable and instant, but unfortunately it won’t last forever. If you are looking for a more dramatic and permanent result, it’s definitely worth considering the Surgical Rhinoplasty for a life changing results.