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A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, pulls the skin upward above the eyebrow to lift the skin that droops while simultaneously smoothing out any wrinkles on the forehead.

This helps create a youthful appearance, leaving you looking brighter, younger, and more radiant.

This surgery can be performed on its own or alongside other surgical face rejuvenation treatments such as upper or lower blepharoplasty for optimal results


Short scar brow lift is most commonly used technique by Mr Javaid. It is used to help patients whose eyebrows have begun to sag and droop. This is done through a small incision made at or just behind the hairline. This also impacts the forehead skin and upper eyelids. Patients who are in the age range of from forty to sixty are common subjects of this treatment, especially those who wish to reduce the aging signs associated with weak and sagging eyebrows.


Full open Brow lifts are occasionally performed to substantially improve both horizontal furrows and lines which cause a patient to look tired, sad, or angry.


Brow lift can be done through a direct incision made over the eyebrow. The scar is placed the the upper margin of the eyebrow in the most concealed location. This technique is most useful in male patients or in patients with advanced deformity.


Procedure is performed under local or general anaesthesia either in isolation or in combination with upper eyelid surgery as a day case. Operation duration is between 60 – 90 minutes. There is expected early bruising and swelling for 1 – 2 weeks. Overall result takes.


Anaesthesia risks, Bleeding, haematoma, seroma, infection, numbness around the scars and forehead, wound healing, scar related problems including stretched scars, dissatisfaction with the appearance, recurrence of deformity.


Brow lift surgery can boost your confidence in your overall appearance making you look younger, more refined and rejuvenated. If you struggle with any sagging, horizontal lines, or furrows then this procedure might be the perfect fit for you

Why Choose Zenith for Brow Lift Surgery?

  • Unlike many other competitors, our expertise lies in cosmetic industry and thus we focus our energies on researching and using the very latest and best technologies
  • Our plastic surgeons are at a Consultant level with extensive NHS experience in performing genital surgery. They are accredited plastic surgeon, registered with GMC, BAAPS AND BAPRAS
  • We have our very own, on-site theatre and recovery rooms  equipped with state of the art facilities. As it is a single theatre, you will enjoy a very personalised sand exclusive service
  • All consultations and reviews are included in the price
  • We have a clinical team providing 24/7 clinical care
  • Registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  • 99% patient satisfaction rates in recent survey
  • 0% Finance available


The eyes and forehead play a prominent role in communication our emotions. If a sagging, heavy brow is causing you to look tired or unhappy, brow lift cosmetic surgery could provide a lasting solution. A brow lift, also known as a short scar brow lift, pulls the skin above the eyebrow in an upward direction to lift the skin that droops.  Mr. Javaid also performs full open brow lift and direct cutaneous brow lift. Full open brow lift improves both horizontal furrows and lines which can age patients. Direct cutaneous brow lift procedure is most commonly used in male patients or in patients with advanced deformity.

You may experience slight bleeding and/or bruising. Infections are rare but can happen. All risks and complications will be explained to you during the consultation process.

Brow lifts are among the longest lasting cosmetic procedure. Many people who have this procedure done do not need another one. Zenith Cosmetic Clinics also offer non-surgical treatments that would enhance this procedure like anti-wrinkle injections and fillers.

During your consultation with Mr. Javaid, he will assess the area to see if you are a good fit for the procedure.  If you have any drooping skin near the eye due to aging, horizontal furrows and lines, or have a deformity then this procedure will be suited for you.

Having this cosmetic procedure depends on the individual. Some women have this done as early as their late 20’s while others do not need it until their 50’s. Men usually do not benefit from this until their late 40’s. At Zenith, we customise every treatment for the individual needs. If you are interested or think you might be a good candidate for this procedure, then please contact the clinic so we can get you booked in for a consultation with Mr. Javaid.

It depends. For example, if eyebrows need to be higher then there will be a slight elevation of the hairline, but nothing noticeable.  If no repositioning is needed or only the lateral eyebrow droop needs changing, then the hairline will stay the same. All procedures at Zenith are done with the patient’s needs in mind.

For the first few days you will feel discomfort and pain. You can resume daily activities in about 1-2 weeks with the result being visible from 2-6 months.

During your consultation, your surgeon will go through all of the necessary precautions such as stopping smoking, drinking, and/or taking certain medications prior to your surgery as it can affect your healing process.

At Zenith we individualise every treatment for our patient. Once our surgeon examines you during the consultation, an accurate price will be given.

The procedure itself is not painful due to the anaesthetic. After surgery Zenith will make sure to give you appropriate pain medication to manage any soreness. At Zenith we pride ourselves in our aftercare meaning there will be someone with you every step of the way which minimises risk.

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Patient Testimonials

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