Birthmark Removal

If you’re feeling concerned or self-conscious about a birthmark, our advanced Birthmark Removal treatments are here to help. At Zenith, our team has researched and designed a unique combination treatment for birthmark removal over the years to yield fantastic results. The combination of Cutera Excel v and Enlighten allows us to treat all types of birthmarks, particularly Port Wine Stains and Café Au Lait.

Discover clear and blemish-free skin, boost your confidence, and reveal your natural beauty with our Birthmark Removal treatments.

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What Is Birthmark Removal?

Birthmarks, defined as benign (non-cancerous) irregularities on the skin, can cause psychological distress or worry for many people. While some birthmarks are treatable, others may be best left untouched. Birthmarks can appear anywhere on the skin at birth or shortly after, and people may seek to have them removed due to health risks or for cosmetic reasons.

Our safe and effective solutions include laser therapy, surgical removal, and other tailored treatments – expert practitioners address each birthmark individually, ensuring a personalised approach. Zenith is also the best UK clinic for port wine stain treatment. Where appropriate, we’ll recommend the best removal treatment to ensure skin that’s free from blemishes.

How Does Birthmark Removal Work?

There are several different types of birthmarks, and having them removed will depend on the specific presentation. Commonly known as ‘Red Birthmarks,’ Vascular Birthmarks result from abnormal blood vessels, including Macular Stains, Hemangiomas, and Port-Wine Stains. These birthmarks, found across the body, don’t naturally fade and would require treatment.

Pigmentation birthmarks, also called ‘Cafe Au Lait birthmarks’, occur when the skin has excessive colour or pigment. Meanwhile, a Beckers Naevus Birthmark (actually classified as a lesion) is a dark, raised birthmark with hair.

Laser therapy, especially Cutera Excel V Laser, is usually effective for vascular birthmarks. Laser treatments can also work well for pigmentation birthmarks, although these birthmarks cannot always be removed. In cases of Beckers Naevi, excision is often the preferred treatment.

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What Areas Can Be Treated?

Birthmark Removal can be sought for practically any area of the body. Generally, it is those areas that are most visible that people seek Birthmark Removal Treatment for. These often include:

  • Face
  • Torso
  • Limbs
  • Neck

Our advanced therapies cater to diverse birthmark types, ensuring comprehensive and safe removal across multiple body regions. Consult our specialists now for more personalised solutions.

Why Choose Zenith Cosmetic Clinics For Birthmark Removal?

Enjoy confidence and mark-free skin with Zenith – our unique protocol for Birthmark and Port Wine Stain Treatment is known to yield remarkable results. With an industry-leading, expert team, made up of UK-trained consultants and registered GMC doctors, we ensure comprehensive support and safety during and after your treatment.

We’re recognised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for outstanding efficacy, and we’re incredibly proud of our remarkable 99% patient satisfaction rate.

All consultations and reviews are included in the starting price, and we offer 0% finance to support with payment.

Examples of Our Work

Below, you can see some real patients and the amazing results they’ve been able to achieve through Birthmark Removal treatments with Zenith.

Client Testimonials

What do our valued clients have to say about their birthmark removal procedure?

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