Effective Fat Removal Solutions

At Zenith Cosmetic Clinics, we understand that dealing with stubborn fat can be a challenge, and that sometimes even rigorous diet and exercise regimes seem to offer no results. That’s why we’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of fat removal solutions at our clinics, including BodyTite™ – always administered by experienced medical professionals.

From innovative non-surgical options such as BodyTite™, CoolSculpting® and Cristal fat freezing to surgical procedures such as Liposuction and Tummy Tucks, we tailor our treatments to target various fat concerns and body areas.

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What Is Fat Removal and Fat Reduction?

Fat removal and fat reduction at Zenith encompasses a range of treatments and procedures designed to eliminate or reduce stubborn fat deposits in various areas of the body. These procedures help you achieve your desired aesthetic goals, targeting excess fat cells that may be resistant to diet and exercise.

At Zenith, we offer both surgical and non-surgical fat removal options to cater to individual needs and preferences.

  • Surgical procedures such as Liposuction and Tummy Tucks provide more immediate results.
  • Non-invasive treatments such as CoolSculpting® and BodyTite™ target and destroy fat cells without surgery, offering effective fat reduction with minimal downtime. With BodyTite™, results are visible immediately after treatment!

Whether you’re looking to refine specific areas of your body, address loose skin after weight loss, or enhance overall body contours, our team of experienced surgeons can provide the support and solutions you need.

How Does Fat Removal Work?

Here at Zenith Cosmetic Clinics, our fat removal process begins by offering our patients a thorough consultation with our experienced doctors, who specialise in this field.

During this consultation, we take the time to understand your specific goals, concerns, and lifestyle factors. Based on this assessment, we recommend the most suitable fat removal treatment. Depending on the case, we may recommend a surgical or non-surgical fat reduction procedure.

Whether you opt for non-surgical methods like CoolSculpting® (Cryolipolysis), Cristal fat freezing or BodyTite™ , or prefer surgical interventions such as Liposuction or Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty), our skilled surgeons and medical team ensure that you receive personalised care every step of the way. With our onsite theatre, consultations, treatments, and reviews all happen under one roof. We prioritise safety and effectiveness, guiding you through the procedure, recovery process, and post-operative care to achieve optimal results tailored to your goals.

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Methods of Fat Removal & Reduction at Zenith

As a leading cosmetics clinic, we offer an array of fat removal and reduction methods tailored to address various concerns and target areas of the body.

  • For smaller fat deposits, such as those in the jawline or neck, Aqualyx® Fat Dissolving Injections provide effective results. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is also ideal for precise treatment of areas like the chin.
  • For small to medium-sized fat areas, CoolSculpting® and Cristal Fat Freezing offer gradual yet noticeable reduction.
  • For both fat reduction and skin tightening, treatments such as FaceTite, NeckTite, and BodyTite™ deliver instant results. Note that AccuTite is specifically designed for skin tightening without fat removal.
  • For those seeking fat transfer procedures, such as the Brazilian Butt Lift, we offer safe and effective techniques to redistribute fat to desired areas of the body. Surgical options such as Liposuction or Vaser Lipo are also recommended for precise and permanent fat removal.
  • Where the skin has been stretched and become very thin and saggy, surgery is a fantastic option. Procedures such as Arm Lift or Tummy Tuck are excellent choices for addressing these skin concerns, delivering transformative results tailored to your unique concerns and body goals.

Why Choose Zenith Cosmetic Clinics for Fat Removal?

Here at Zenith Cosmetic Clinics, we can perform various methods of fat reduction, including surgical options and a huge variety of non-surgical and non-invasive treatments. Our experienced and skilled surgeons use only the highest quality equipment for all procedures, ensuring safe and effective results tailored to your individual needs.

State-of-the-art facilities and an onsite theatre for consultations, treatments, and reviews

CQC-regulated outstanding in care and for a safe medical environment

UK-trained doctors

24/7 accessible aftercare support for patients' comfort and reassurance

Generous loyalty points

99% patient satisfaction rates

No hidden charges - 0% and other finance options available

Examples of Our Work

Browse our portfolio to see the incredible results our clients have achieved with the help of our fat removal treatments.

Client Testimonials

Hear from our valued clients, and learn more about their individual fat removal and fat reduction journeys with Zenith.

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What Is the Cost of Fat Removal at Zenith?

All consultations and reviews are included in the starting price. Please contact our clinic for a custom quote.

Zenith Cosmetics offer 0% finance to support with payment.

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