Professional Rhinoplasty in the UK

Noses come in many shapes and sizes, and as a defining facial feature, can massively influence our self-confidence if we feel negatively about them. But don’t worry, because there are countless possibilities with professional Rhinoplasty surgery! Even subtle alterations to the appearance of the nose can make a lasting, positive impact.

At Zenith, Professor Sama spearheads our UK Rhinoplasty procedures, bringing unparalleled expertise and precision to each surgery. Our Rhinoplasty service is available at our Nottingham location.

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What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a “nose job,” is a surgical procedure designed to reshape or resize the nose by modifying its bone or cartilage structure. Beyond enhancing aesthetics, Rhinoplasty can also address breathing difficulties and, in some cases, alleviate snoring issues.

There can be both aesthetic and functional factors behind a person being a suitable Rhinoplasty patient.

  • For those who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose, the procedure offers an effective way to target its shape and size.
  • Rhinoplasty can also alleviate problems caused by structural abnormalities and provide a solution for those encountering problems related to breathing and sleep impairment.

So, Rhinoplasty isn’t merely about transforming appearance; it’s about enhancing self-assurance and optimising nasal health.

How Does Rhinoplasty Work?

The Rhinoplasty patient journey at Zenith begins with a consultation with our acclaimed Rhinoplasty surgeon, Professor Anshul Sama. During this consultation, Professor Sama will examine your nose and face and discuss in-depth with you the outcomes that you wish to achieve. The consultation will also support Professor Sama in determining the best approach for addressing your specific needs. Image simulation technology will also be used to offer an insight into how the surgery outcomes may look.

Rhinoplasty is a meticulous process that involves altering the nasal tip, nasal bridge, or overall nose size to achieve facial symmetry and enhance confidence.
On the day of the procedure, our dedicated surgical team will do their utmost to prioritise your comfort and well-being.

Post-surgery, a series of review appointments are scheduled to track your progress and healing. Throughout the entire patient journey, our Surgical Coordinator will be an accessible point of contact for any queries or concerns. The Zenith Team are also at hand to offer guidance and answer questions.

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The procedure is performed with the patient under General Anaesthetic for optimal comfort.


You will see the final results of your nose reshaping procedure up to 12 months after treatment.


Rhinoplasty procedure results are permanent!

Procedure Time

Each Rhinoplasty treatment session takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Recovery Time

There will be around 7 days downtime after your Rhinoplasty procedure.

Why Choose Zenith Cosmetic Clinics for Rhinoplasty in the UK?

At Zenith, nose reshaping surgeries are led by our widely recognised and respected Rhinoplasty specialist, Professor Anshul Sama, whose experience spans over 3 decades.

All Rhinoplasty surgeries at Zenith are carried out within the clinic’s state-of-the-art facilities, including on-site operating theatres. Patients can rest assured they won’t be transferred from one location to the next!

State-of-the-art facilities for consultations, treatments, and reviews

Surgeons are Consultant level and are fully registered with BAAPS AND BAPRAS

CQC-regulated for a safe medical environment

UK-trained doctors

24/7 accessible aftercare support for patients' comfort and reassurance

Generous loyalty points

99% patient satisfaction rates

No hidden charges -0% and other finance options available

Examples of Our Work

Browse our portfolio to see the incredible Rhinoplasty results our clients have achieved.

Client Testimonials

Hear from our valued clients, and learn more about their individual Rhinoplasty journeys with Zenith.

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During your initial consultation for Rhinoplasty at Zenith, you'll meet with our skilled Rhinoplasty Surgeon. This appointment allows you to openly discuss your goals and expectations. Our Surgeon will then carefully evaluate your nasal structure, cartilage, and skin to understand the best approach to achieve your desired outcome. You’ll also be able to see a plan of what your results will look like, with the use of Image Simulation technology.


The surgical procedure, whether ‘open’ or ‘closed’ Rhinoplasty, is performed by our expert surgical team in a state-of-the-art facility. Your Surgeon will use advanced techniques to reshape the nose, modify cartilage or bone structure, and address any functional issues if required.


After your Rhinoplasty procedure, you'll have follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and assess the healing process. Our experts will guide you through the recovery phase, offering advice on managing swelling, bruising, and any discomfort. Rest assured, we're here to support you at every step of your recovery journey.

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FAQs: Rhinoplasty in the UK

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