LPG Endermologie

LPG treatment improves lymph drainage and will stimulate your skin to reduce the appearance of Cellulite,  as well as improve the quality and appearance of your skin.

It is also effective at improving the results of the Dermaroller when used on stretch marks and even smoothing out skin after fat removal procedures.

What It Is Used For?

The LPG machine is primarily used to stimulate your skin and tissues underneath to increase blood flow to the area. This stimulation results in the thickening and tightening of your skin, although many treatments are required to achieve this effect. There are four instances that we use the LPG Endermologie treatment at Zenith Cosmetic Clinics.

Firstly, we use it alongside a program for weight loss, LPG can be extremely effective in helping to tighten the skin as you lose weight. 

We also use LPG as a supplementary treatment to improve the effects of the Dermaroller  or PRP  on the appearance of Stretch Marks,  and on anyone that has had Liposuction  or BodyTite  to improve their results.

Lastly, LPG can be useful when used in conjunction with Cellfina or Cellulite reduction.

Who Is LPG Endermologie Treatment Suitable For?

LPG is not suitable for anyone who fits into any of these groups:

  • Pregnant women
  • People who take blood thinning medication
  • People with circulatory or vascular diseases
  • Cancer patients
  • People with infectious progressive diseases

What Happens During The LPG Procedure?

The device itself has been likened to a “body hoover” – it sucks the skin into the hand-piece to stimulate the tissues underneath. In most cases, it is not painful and can be quite relaxing.

What Are The Side Effects Or Risks?

In very rare cases the machine may cause bruising on people with very sensitive skin, but generally there are no risks or side effects.

What Results Can I Typically Expect?

With the LPG Endermologie you will need multiple sessions to notice a difference which means the results are not immediate. 

After a few sessions you should notice a significant improvement in the appearance of your skin. The average person starts to notice the changes after about 3-6 sessions. However the number of sessions required will differ from person-to-person depending on your unique concerns.

LPG treatment for Cellulite  works best when combined with other treatments, for example: Cellfina, the Dermaroller  or EndyMed

We would recommend a course of 10 sessions initially.

Before Your Procedure

You will need to wear a supporting garment during your treatment, which is provided by the clinic at a cost.

Nothing else is required before your procedure can begin! You will need to attend a thorough consultation to assess the skin, discuss your ideal results, concerns, lifestyle and budget.


As with many repeat cosmetic procedures, it’s something you will want to repeat fairly regularly to maintain the results. We would recommend once or twice per month and then less frequently for cellulite. Post Liposuction, most would have a defined course of treatment.

To prolong your results, you must also take regular exercise, eat a healthy diet, drink lots of water and limit your alcohol intake.

Why Choose Zenith Cosmetic Clinics for LPG Endermologie?

Here at Zenith Cosmetic Clinics we have a huge array of experience and expertise with LPG Endermologie, and every other similar treatment. We can assess your concerns and offer you the correct options to give you the best results possible!


No! If done correctly Lipomassage is not described as painful and has actually been described as relaxing

The LPG procedure takes from 30 – 45 minutes

LPG costs £150 per session, this is for the whole body when purchased as a course of 10. The protocol is one session per week for 10 weeks, depending on the condition being treated.

Making treatments affordable

0% Finance Available

Patients are often concerned about affordability of a treatment. To help alleviate this concern we provide flexible payment plans to suit your budget.

We can offer six months 0% interest option for any procedure over the value of £1000. Interest bearing options are also available if you wish to spread your payments over a longer period of up to 5 years. Please contact our team on 0115 959 6999 for further details or click the link below.

Finance your treatment

LPG Endermologie Costs

Initial consultation...


Redeemable against your treatment

Non-Surgical Treatment Coordinator

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At a glance

LPG Endermologie Treatment overview

At a glance


Around 45 Minutes per treatment


0 days




After a course of treatments


For maximum results treatment is advised to be maintained

Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

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