The medical term for a “Mole” is Intradermal Naevus. This translates to mean a lump within the layers of skin.

They can appear in all different shapes, sizes and textures and are usually completely harmless, however we may not always find them attractive to look at.

Why do People Remove Moles?

  • If a mole is changing colour or growing rapidly it should be urgently assessed by a doctor.
  • Moles catching on clothing.
  • Moles that are prominent areas, especially the face.
  • Moles that are cut while shaving or while combing/hair dressing.

How Does Mole Removal Work?

There are a number of different methods, all of which we have available. The best way to decide is by assessing the depth of the mole during your consultation with our Doctor. Also the position and shape of the mole taken together with its depth will decide what is the best method. It is overly simplistic to say that you can decide the method by if the mole is raised or not, this is simply NOT TRUE.


If the mole is near the surface, and does not run too deeply, then it can be simply shaved off and vapourised with this elegant device, Radiosurgery Mole Removal.

Shave Excision

Sometimes a blade is used to remove a raised mole, however some mole tissue will often be left behind. However this has it’s uses Shave Excision Mole Removal.

Excision With Stitches

Involves cutting around the full thickness of the skin containing the mole and using stitches to bring the space back together. There are different methods including Mole Excision with Stitches.

Laser Mole Removal

Laser mole removal is rarely used for moles as it offers no advantages over Radiosurgery, also there is more heat thus there is more scarring, The CO2 laser does offer huge benefits when treating a verruca or viral wart.

What is the difference between Laser and Radiosurgery?

Predominantly, Radiosurgery is used for Moles and Lasers are used to remove viral Warts or a Verruca.

At Zenith Cosmetic Clinics we will never use a laser to remove a mole, as there is too much heat passed into the wound and this causes unnecessary damage and scarring. Lasers are especially useful, however, to burn off Warts and Verrucae. As both Verrucae and Warts are caused by a virus, it is actually beneficial for the heat of the laser to damage tissue surrounding these particular lesions, as it helps to prevent, and can reduce, the spread of the virus.

If you have a raised red lesion, such as an angioma, this can be removed with a Vascular Laser such as the Cutera Excel V.

Why Zenith Cosmetic Clinics to Treat Your Moles?

At Zenith Cosmetic Clinics we are extremely experienced in the removal of Moles, Lesions and the Wart/Verruca virus having removed thousands of these over the years.

All mole removals are performed by an extremely skilled doctor, or surgeon where required, after a full medical history and examination.

All patients have 24/7 contact access to the Doctor who performed the treatment if there are any questions or reassurance is required. All patients are also offered a free follow-up appointment at 4-months post procedure.

If a mole grows back within 2 years, or needs a second treatment, this is done completely free of charge.

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Patient Testimonials

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