We asked Zoe a couple of questions about her experience with her Mole Removal treatment with Dr. Maini.

When did you decide to have your moles removed?

I’ve had two moles, ever since I was little and I can’t remember when they started growing but I’ve always hated them. I really wish I had them removed earlier because I just didn’t like the look of them. I don’t think they really bothered anyone else but for me, it was the first thing I saw when I looked at my face and on photos.

Why did you choose Zenith?

To be honest, I had a Google and looked at Mole Removal and I came across the laser mole removal and Zenith came up as the top places locally. I then just took it from there and looked at a couple of reviews, which were good, and I looked at some photos which also looked good. I then spoke to someone on the phone who went through the process with me.

How do you feel now post-treatment?

I feel really good and I feel like they have totally changed my face. The procedure was quite short and didn’t take that long at all and it wasn’t very painful and was done quite quickly.

How was the healing process?

The healing process was a lot quicker than I anticipated. So, within a couple of weeks, you could hardly tell there was anything there and obviously, over time it’s got even better so, I’m really happy.

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Will you recommend this treatment at Zenith?

I would totally recommend if you are unhappy with a mole on your face or I suppose anywhere else. Even just speaking to Zenith because they have been fab. Everyone who I’ve spoken to has been really nice and has gone through everything with me from top to bottom. Not only that but Dr. Maini was really good at explaining everything to me and I think that put me at ease as well with how friendly everyone was and how easy the process was. I also think that my confidence has grown since having it done and I think yours will too if you’re considering it. I look at my face totally differently now and I don’t know if other people notice the same but I definitely do and I think that’s what matters most.

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