Due to the UK cosmetic industry being largely unregulated, almost anyone can legally administer injectable treatments.

Alarmingly, most patients are unaware of this and fall under the impression that their injectors are highly experienced, trained, and qualified.

In this blog, we’ll be uncovering the dark side of the cosmetic industry and exploring the risks attached to treatments with inexperienced and underqualified injectors.


The Rising Demand for Injectable Treatments

During the Covid pandemic, the ‘Zoom Boom’ saw many of us spending a great a deal of time on video calls. Whereas the impact of face-to-face interactions is heavily influenced by body language, social cues and simply just being in the same room as another person, the ‘Zoom Boom’ saw our faces taking the centre stage every time we communicated. With this, came a rise in the demand for treatments designed to enhance the appearance of our facial features.

Injectable treatments such as Filler and BOTOX® were initially only exclusively provided by long-established medical professionals. However, the lack of regulation in the UK cosmetic market combined with the potential to generate appeal through low prices saw new injectors popping up in every city and town within the UK.

Whilst experienced injectors can legally administer injectables following extensive training, inexperienced injectors can also legally administer injectables after completing a short course, many of which are single or two-day courses.

Alarmingly, recent case studies have reported that many of these courses have used dangerous and completely inadequate methods of training whilst still equipping aspiring injectors with certificates that enable them to legally practice.

“Fillers, false advertising and intimidation: The ugly side of the aesthetic training industry”

Sadly, a lack of understanding has allowed many of those who run substandard aesthetic training courses to make significant financial gains from those wanting to eagerly break into the cosmetic industry.

As the popularity of these short, non-regulated training courses continues to grow, there is a greater availability for treatments with underqualified and inexperienced injectors. With this, more cases of nightmare treatment stories are also coming to the surface…

Whilst many clinics and beauticians now offer injectables at lower prices that medical establishments, it’s important to consider the potential compromise that comes with undergoing treatment with inexperienced injectors.

It’s also important to keep an eye out for the content that you may come across on social media. A 2022 investigation into the relationship between social media influencers and aesthetic clinics concluded that many young influencers are lured into undergoing discounted treatment in return for online promotion.

“Young influencers are being offered cheap procedures in return for promotion. They say it’s coming at a cost.”


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Low-Cost Injectable Treatments  – What Are the Risks?

Substandard Training = Substandard Technique

Injecting injectable treatments is truly an art form that must be mastered in ordered to achieve the best outcomes for patients. Unfortunately, due to the non-regulated, low-quality training that many injectors undergo, their patients are at risk of encountering complications due to faulty techniques.

Examples of poor injecting techniques can include incorrect depth, the use of volumes that are too high or too low and injecting into incorrect injection areas. These factors can lead to asymmetrical results, swelling, infection, strokes, blindness, bruising, pain, and overall outcomes that are completely different to what a patient was seeking.

Product Quality

When it comes to low-cost cosmetic procedures, a lot of the time, the low costs reflect the low quality of the products that are used to perform treatments. Whilst many people will see low-cost injectable packages as being too good to resist and seeming too good to be true, it’s highly likely that they literally are too good to be true…

In comparison to the premium, medical-grade products that are used by injectors at established medical clinics, the products obtained and used by inexperienced injectors can be significantly low-grade. A major red flag when it comes to injectable treatment safety is the marketing of treatments as being ‘budget friendly’ and ‘cheap’. Injectable treatments can achieve amazing, transformational changes, both mentally and physically, when administered safely. However, for this to happen, regulated medical facilities, FDA approved products and the experience of expert injectors is needed. It’s safe to say that there is nothing ‘cheap’ about any of these factors.

Low-quality and fake products can lead to infection, pain, swelling, discomfort and serious health risks and complications.

Non-Medical Background

As previously mentioned, injectable treatments were initially only performed by qualified doctors. This is due to the massively influential impact that a medical stance can have on the quality of such treatments. Medical professionals are able to effectively understand how a patient’s medical history, their facial anatomy, and current state of health may affect treatment. The expertise of medical professionals who administer injectables ensures that the risk factor is kept to an absolute minimum whilst safety and patient care are optimal. In simple words…always trust the pros!

The sad reality is that many patients only decide to see a medical professional following a botched treatment. Whilst costs for injectables may be higher at established clinics where treatments are expertly carried out using the most advanced products, the level of safety and patient care offered makes it completely worthwhile.


Injectables at Zenith Cosmetic Clinic, Nottingham – What To Expect?

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Our approach to injectables puts patient safety and injector experience at the forefront of what we do. Not only do we aim to achieve, long-lasting, natural looking results, but we also aim to do this without allowing any room for complications to arise.

Here’s a look at what you can expect when having an injectable treatment with us:

Highly Qualified & Experienced Injectors

Our team of injectors have over 40 years of experience between them! Additionally, the years of training that they have undergone as well as regular refresher training have equipped them with the ability to execute advanced injection techniques and consequently deliver exceptional results.

Top-Ups & Reviews Are Included in the Price

The day of treatment only makes up a part of the Zenith patient experience. In addition to in-depth pre-treatment consultations, we also schedule review appointments for every patient. Reviews as well as any top-ups that may be required, are included in the treatment price.

24/7 Care & Support

It’s common for patients to have questions or worries following any kind of treatment. With the aim of providing reassurance and helpful guidance to our patients, we offer 24/7 care via a doctor on call. This doctor will be easily available via WhatsApp to answer any queries that you may have.

Maximum Safety

As injectables at our clinic are only administered by medical professionals with a strong medical background, the very best level of patient safety is maintained. Through this approach, we are able to keep complication rates to an absolute minimum.

We Only Use Premium, FDA Approved Brands/ Products

For treatments such as Filler and BOTOX®, only the very best, most reliable, and thoroughly tested products are used. For example, we offer Juvéderm® facial fillers. The way in which these products are manufactured is based on years of extensive research and in-depth studies.

Incredible Value

Whilst many injectors have a low-cost approach which they utilise to create an appeal amongst those wanting to opt for more affordable treatment, we see this as a very dangerous technique. Our prices cover pre and post treatment consultations, the unrushed time and skill of expert injectors with medical backgrounds, the use of top of the range products, 24/7 aftercare and state-of-the-art facilities. Above all, we place patient safety and wellbeing at the heart of everything that we do.

We offer value rather than just cost. The quality of products, the extensive experience of our experienced injectors, and the free post-treatment care is where we excel.


If you are interested in sitting down with one of our injectors to discuss your goals and understand how they can help you to safely achieve them, please click here to book a consultation online.

You can also speak to a member of our dedicated team by calling 0115 959 6999 or sending a WhatsApp message to 07841599611.

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