Dermamelan Peel

Skin peels offered at Zenith, London:

Chemical Peels – perfect for improving skin texture while simultaneously combating dullness and certain skin conditions.

Derma FNS Peel – a skin tightening and remodelling treatment that uses low risk fractional lasers to produce enhanced results.

Salicylic Acid – perfect for skin prone to acne, this treatment targets excessive oil and surface debris, controlling inflammation and killing bacteria. We offer this treatment not just for the face, but for chest and back acne as well.

Mandelic Acid – designed to alleviate symptoms of rosacea. It is effective in treating thread veins and broken capillaries, hyper-pigmentation and hyper-sensitive or hyper-reactive skin.

Pyruvic Acid – this treatment can be used on the chest and neck and has numerous applications, including the treatment of oily skin, flabby skin, aging, pore size, and mild actinic keratosis.

Jesners – uses lactic acid to help reduce non-inflammatory pigmentation, oil, and moderate actinic keratosis, and sometimes severe photo-aging and chromo-aging.

Enerpeel EL – targets the area around the eye socket and lip margin.

TCA LP 25% and TCA Strong 40% – effective for anti-aging and treating sun damage, as well as photo-aging, chrono-aging, severe hyperpigmentation and scar tissue.

Tebiskin – a range of peels developed to optimise the condition and activity of skin cells. Learn more about what’s available here [].


To discuss your specific requirements, we encourage you to book a consultation [] with our London clinic. This will help you to get a better idea of which treatments can safely provide the results you’re looking for.


What happens during a skin peel?

First, one of our qualified technicians will give your face a thorough cleanse. Then, a non-toxic chemical solution of acids and enzymes will be applied to the agreed areas of skin. This will be left for around 60 minutes.

A mild to moderate tingling/burning sensation can be felt as the peel works, but we can assure you that all our skin peels are 100% safe. We’ll only recommend a treatment that is right for your skin type, tone and condition to ensure you get the best results possible.

After the peel is removed, your face will be cleansed once more and moisturised.

It is common for the skin to feel a little tight and sore after the treatment, but regular use of moisturiser will solve this in a few days.

Results depend on the type and strength of skin peel, but in every case you will appear visibly younger, feel fresh and reinvigorated, ready to take on the world.


Why choose Zenith Cosmetic Clinics, London?

Established in 2004, we are an independent, family owned clinic dedicated to providing first-class care. We only hire the best aesthetic beauty professionals, with world-renowned surgeons, clinicians, and dentists joining our team .

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and are a full member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM).

Our London and Nottingham clinics are fitted with state-of-the-art facilities, designed to provide our clients with maximum safety and comfort. We understand how much anxiety can come from the prospect of any treatment and strive to provide a private and welcoming space. We want you to feel like the most confident version of yourself.

The Zenith London clinic can be found in central London at: 39 Harley Street, Marylebone, W1G 8QH.

Book a free consultation with Zenith Cosmetic Clinics London to discover the benefits that skin peels could have for you.

Please reach out to our London clinic online, or on 020 3011 1103 with any enquiries.

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