How can Rosacea be treated with Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation?

At Zenith Cosmetic Clinics in Nottingham, we use Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation treatment to collapse broken capillaries. Broken capillaries and spider veins are common symptoms of Rosacea.

The lasers are able to target precise areas on the skin. They can be directed at individual blood vessels that are prominent in appearance and may cause low self-esteem.

A pigment in the blood absorbs the laser light. The walls of the blood vessels collapse and are re-absorbed by the body.

Collagen production is stimulated, allowing the formation of healthier skin cells and overall rejuvenation. The skin will feel fresher, appear less flushed and look more even in tone.

Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation can also treat a variety of other skin conditions, such as wrinkles, age spots, freckles and large pores.


The Rosacea Treatment Process at Zenith Nottingham

At Zenith Nottingham, our senior nurse – Pauline – is the specialist who will usually carry out this procedure. You can meet Pauline and address any concerns or questions you may have about the process by booking a consultation. This is also a chance for us to learn more about you and the results that you hope to achieve.

The treatment may last between 30-60 minutes. In this time, the laser will be passed gradually over the treatment area, causing a slight tingling sensation. This should not be painful.

We recommend several sessions of Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation for the treatment to be most effective, as results are cumulative. The usual treatment programme is three to six sessions, carried out two to four weeks apart.


Past clients have found Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation to be successful at alleviating inflammation and pain caused by Rosacea, particularly in winter. The procedure also reduces the appearance of flushing and broken blood vessels within a few days after the first treatment.

Sometimes we will prescribe periodic maintenance treatments to ensure that results are long-lasting. Moisturizer and SPF25 sun block should be applied daily after each procedure.

You may experience temporary redness or swelling, which are common side effects of the treatment and should fade within a few days.


Why choose Zenith Cosmetic Clinics in Nottingham?

Operating since 2004, Zenith Cosmetic Clinics has built up a substantial client base in both Nottingham and London. Our reputation for first-rate quality of care and individualised support is what keeps our clients coming back.

Our Nottingham clinic is fitted with the most advanced technology available and run by a team of cosmetic and aesthetic experts. We are capable of delivering the most specialised treatments in the industry.

Cost of treatment is specific to individual requirements and is thus is determined during the consultation phase. We accept credit, debit, cash, or bank transfer, but have also developed Zenith Finance as a way to split the cost into monthly payments, of which we offer 6 months interest free.

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