In recent years, Turkey has established itself as a global hotspot for cosmetic treatments. With the lure of a trip away from home and treatment prices that are noticeably lower than those in the UK, the country has seen a huge rise in medical tourism.

Hair loss can lead to a reduced level of confidence as well as a combination of other negative feelings. Whilst cut-price treatments offer greater affordability to those who are looking to overcome their struggle on a budget, it’s also extremely important to address all the other factors that are also involved.

Ultimately, there’s an effective way to approach hair restoration without compromising your health and safety. In this blog, we’ll be exploring the topic of Hair Transplants in Turkey and understanding how they differ from those closer to home.

The Appeal Of Hair Transplants

Hair loss can be attributed to a range of factors, from genetics to stress to illness. Regardless of the cause, hair loss is a common issue that can cause a person’s self-esteem to significantly drop. Fortunately, for those who are fighting the ongoing battle of living life without the head of hair that they wish to have, there are various treatments which support the restoration of hair. Examples of such treatments include PRP therapy and Micropigmentation. However, in terms of a treatment that offers a permanent and truly effective outcome, Hair Transplants are the best option available.

As the world of cosmetic treatments advances and more of us encounter people who’re boasting fantastic treatment results, the demand for Hair Transplants also continues to be on the rise. A Hair Transplant is a major surgical procedure and in order to achieve optimal results, it’s absolutely pivotal that you undergo your treatment with a qualified, trusted, and experienced surgeon. It’s also crucial that the procedure is carried out in a medically safe environment in which exceptional standards are consistently maintained.

Hair Transplants in Turkey – What Can Go Wrong?

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Since the beginning of Turkey’s medical tourism boom, thousands of Brits have flown over to enjoy sun, time off work…and cut-price Hair Transplants. Based on the popularity of this treatment, it’s no surprise that everyone seems to know someone who’s undergone the Turkish Hair Restoration experience.

A cheap Hair Transplant in Turkey sounds great, but it does beg the question of what compromises are also attached.

Here are some of the major risks that come hand in with hair Transplants in Turkey:

Production-Line Approach

As the popularity of Hair Transplant clinics in Turkey continues to grow, a fierce level of competition between clinics also continues to grow. With it being a common objective amongst these clinics to book the maximum amount of patients for each day, it’s no surprise that multiple patients will often share the same surgeon on the day of their procedure. This indicates that surgeons may not be giving each individual patient the undivided time and care that they require, especially for such a major procedure.

Regulation Issues/Standards

Whereas UK-based clinics are regulated by long-established councils and authorities, similar procedures may not apply for health care in other countries, especially places like Turkey where prices seem to be the lowest. There is every possibility that clinics abroad would not pass the strict inspections that clinics in UK are accustomed to.

Medical History

For medical professionals in the UK, it’s relatively easy to access this information from a UK-based patient. However, this very crucial information would be a lot harder to access from other countries. This is undoubtedly a major risk to a patient’s health and wellbeing.

Low Cost/Low Quality Materials

It’s common for cut-price treatments to incorporate the usage of low quality, cut-price materials and equipment. On the other hand, the high-quality materials and advanced forms of technology used in UK clinics supports treatment results that not only look great but are also designed to maintain durability and longevity.


Ideally, following a Hair Transplant, a patient attends multiple reviews to monitor their progress. Whilst a trip away to a sunny country may sound delightful, having a Hair Transplant surgeon who’s based in Turkey makes the review process very tricky. The distance between patient and surgeon after the initial procedure can lead to complications and the failure to correctly monitor progress and healing.

Whereas a having UK-based surgeon means that a patient will not have to catch any flights in order to attend a review appointment!

Language Barrier

It’s likely that Hair Transplant surgeons in Turkey are able to speak English, however, the same cannot be promised for the rest of the clinic’s team. This can lead to a breakdown in communication, especially as the surgeons themselves are usually very busy. A Hair Transplant in the UK offers you the opportunity to enjoy a truly personalised and catered approach. Through being able to clearly express your objectives in detail, it’s more likely that the end outcome will be one that you’re completely satisfied with.

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Hair Transplants With Dr Umar Khan At Zenith, Nottingham

Here at Zenith, we are extremely proud to have a true pioneer within the world of Hair Restoration in our team, Dr Umar Khan. Incredibly, Dr Khan, who is an established Harley Street surgeon, has never seen any of his male or female Hair Transplants fail.

Throughout the patient journey, Dr Khan is available 24/7 to answer any questions or queries that a patient may have. He also offers lifetime warranty to all patients! Furthermore, all review appointments and follow-ups are free of charge. The procedure itself can last up between 8-10 hours, though this may seem lengthy, this enables Dr Khan and his team to offer their undivided care and attention.

Dr Khan offers FUE Hair Transplants, DHI hair Transplants, PRP therapy and Hairline Restoration. For female patients, Dr Khan does not shave the recipient area – the only shaving takes place in the donor area and the section shaved is no larger than the size of a credit card (this can be easily concealed by surrounding hair!).

We’re offering FREE online consultations with Dr Khan until the end of the year! To book a consultation, please give us a call on 0115 959 6999.

The Zenith Team


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