We came across an article from the Daily Mail which highlighted a concerning issue regarding the use of ‘no-cut facelifts among women.

These treatments are leaving women with devastating scars, and we believe it is important to shed light on this matter. Any skin treatment you are considering must be performed by a trained skin clinician.

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The beauty treatment Morpheus 8, when performed by a trained professional, can be an amazing skin-tightening treatment for women. However, improper treatment can leave women disfigured.

So what is Morpheus 8?

In our previous blog posts, we have discussed the Morpheus 8 treatment that tightens the skin using heat and microscopic needles. You can read more about this treatment on the Journal page of our website under the article ‘The World of Morpheus 8’.It is a great treatment option for the face, stomach, and neck, and has gained popularity among the celebrity culture. However, it is important to ensure that the treatment is carried out by a qualified and experienced professional!

The article published in the Daily Mail highlights the complaints from women who have undergone the treatment resulting in scars and feelings of violation. This underscores the importance of doing thorough research before seeking any kind of beauty treatment.

We take pride in offering only 5-star treatments at our clinic, which naturally come at a higher price point compared to other places. However, we believe it’s worth it because we employ only trained professionals. If you come across a clinic offering Morpheus 8 treatment for a price of £500 or less, we recommend doing your research first before making any decision.

Made in Chelsea star Melissa Tattam said she was left with scarring all over her face after having the non-surgical facelift, Morpheus 8. This could be due to the professional not using the right settings or the correct depth.  She is now having laser treatment to remove the scarring. Money-wise, it is not worth investing in a treatment which claims to do something without doing proper research first or having a clinic’s credentials for their trained professional clinicians.

This treatment is designed to promote anti-ageing and skin tightening, and it is commonly known as a ‘facelift’. However, if it is not performed correctly, it can lead to an excessive amount of scarring. If you have experienced this, we offer the best laser on the market to help reduce scarring. To learn more, you can send us an email, message us on WhatsApp, or simply call us at 0115 959 6999.

Morpheus 8 is designed by ‘In mode’ which is an Israel-based company that developed the device. Morpheus 8 is a minimally invasive treatment designed to address premature ageing and skin laxity. The treatment is safe and effective and should always be administrated by an experienced medical professional.

The article highlights another celebrity, Shirley Ballas, who is a judge on Strictly Come Dancing. She has attested to the anti-aging benefits of Morpheus 8. However, the clinic where she receives treatment charges a minimum of £1500. This indicates that if you find someone charging less than £500 for this treatment, you should avoid it.

If you are interested in treatment, you can have a free consultation with us via video call to discuss whether the treatment would be suitable for your skin type. Then we would invite you into the clinic for a face-to-face consultation where your skin will be analysed through a skin observation, ensuring you are 100% suitable for treatment.

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