What are the differences between Café-au-lait birthmarks and regular birthmarks?

Today we’ll explore the different types of birthmarks and how to identify each one.

Pigmented birthmarks are either present at birth or develop shortly after childbirth. They typically arise from the overgrowth of cells which causes pigmentation in the skin. While most birthmarks are harmless, they can occasionally indicate underlying health problems or be inherited. As you can see, our bodies can produce birthmarks in many ways, and in most cases, they pose no threat whatsoever.

How to identify by the colour of my birthmark-

Salmon patches are common and appear as red or pink patches on a baby’s eyelids, head, or neck. They usually fade by age two.

Strawberry birthmarks, also known as haemangiomas, are red birthmarks caused by an overgrowth of blood vessels. These birthmarks can appear raised on the skin and are quite common in babies. Normally, they disappear with age and do not cause any harm. However, if they affect vision, breathing, or feeding, they should be evaluated by a doctor.

Port wine stains are usually red or purple in colour and can be very dark. If there are pigments of blue, brown, or black present, they are caused by melanocytes. These marks are typically present from birth and are usually harmless. We offer an amazing laser treatment that can help to remove port wine stains. Check out our Instagram platform for some incredible before and after results.

Now onto the main star of the show, ‘Café-au-lait birthmarks’. What are they and how can we treat them within our clinic?

People often get confused about whether they have a Café-au-lait birthmark or a mole. The main difference between them is that Café-au-lait birthmarks are lighter in colour, usually a light tan similar to the colour of coffee with milk. Moles, on the other hand, are small clusters of coloured skin cells. You can easily distinguish a Café-au-lait birthmark as it appears as a patch with either a darker or lighter tone compared to the rest of your skin.

How long do they last?

Café-au-lait birthmarks are present from birth, however they can also appear over time or become more visible after sun exposure. Usually, they can fade with age but the majority are present throughout life.

Are they dangerous?

Café-au-lait birthmarks are harmless. However, if more than one start to appear you should contact a doctor as sic spots could be a sign of an underlying health condition.

Which treatment can we offer at our clinic?

To treat Café-au-lait birthmarks we use our enlighten laser.

Unlike traditional lasers, this is completely suitable for all skin tones and types.
The laser is completely suitable for all skin tones and types. Using strong, non-thermal. Photochemical effect combined with ultra-short pulse directions. This means the targeting pigment is shattered without any damage being done to the surrounding tissue.
birthmark removal cutera before and after nottingham 1 birthmark removal cutera before and after nottingham 2

You would need to come in for a consultation beforehand to speak with our lead clinician to distinguish whether treatment would be suitable for you.  

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