Quality over Quantity- Why the type of laser hair removal equipment you use matters!

In this blog post, we will discuss key factors and frequently asked questions regarding laser hair removal. Emphasising “Quality over Quantity,” we aim to highlight the significance of choosing the right treatment provider and machine, amidst the increasing availability of laser hair removal services at various clinics.

1) Always have a patch test!

When selecting the right clinic for you, numerous factors should be considered. It’s crucial to conduct your own research and inquire about the treatment equipment being utilised.

Is Laser Hair Removal suitable for all skin tones?
It can work on all skin tones, but it’s essential to investigate the equipment used for the treatment. Some Laser hair removal devices incorporate ‘IPL,’ which stands for ‘intense pulsed light,’ targeting melanin to eliminate hair follicles with repeated sessions. However, this method may lead to hyperpigmentation, causing varying skin tones.

At Zenith, we utilise the Soprano Ice machine renowned for its cooling technology that alleviates common sensations of heat and burning associated with most laser procedures.

2) Is Laser Hair removal permanent?

After several sessions, hair regrowth will become thinner and weaker. Most hair will be permanently eliminated, but some areas might need occasional touch-up sessions. It’s crucial to choose the right laser for your treatment. Our Soprano Ice laser is highly recommended and has a 100% customer satisfaction rate. If you notice any crusting, scarring, or skin changes after treatment, please consult the clinic immediately as this should not occur.

3) When is the best time in the year to have treatment?

The ideal time for treatment is when your skin is in its best condition, which means before or after summer when your skin is free from tanning. This is crucial because post-treatment, your skin is sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) light, requiring protection with SPF to prevent burning, inflammation, and potential pigmentation darkening. For optimal results, consider scheduling treatment in the spring, allowing your skin to recover before the summer months.

4) Why the Soprano Ice is the best laser on the market-

Our Soprano Ice is the best laser on the market for many reasons. Some of the features include – an exceptionally large spot size, making the process fast and comfortable. Additionally, the cooling ice technology reduces pain, leaving a sensation like a quick flick. Moreover, our laser is suitable for all hair and skin types. Like some laser hair removal machines, you may need to let the hair grow in between sessions, however, with the Soprano Ice you can shave your hair in between sessions as this will not affect the laser.

If you are interested in Laser Hair Removal we currently have 25% off a single session and 15% off a course of treatment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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