You may have noticed that as you age, we seem to be gaining weight even when eating habits or exercise routines haven’t changed, and it becomes increasingly harder to shift!

Scientists in France and Sweden discovered that as their 54 volunteers aged over a space of 13-years, the rate at which fat from their fat cells was removed and stored, slowed down. In previous studies they had found multiple reasons for this weight gain in older age – from hormonal fluctuations to muscle loss.




  • Lower testosterone levels make it easier for the body to store fat
  • Equally, obesity impairs the production of testosterone
  • As men age, testosterone levels naturally decrease at about 1% per year, after the age of 30
  • This means belly fat starts to creep in


  • Higher levels of oestrogen contribute to fat tissue formation – in younger women, this is offset by strong levels of progesterone
  • From the age of 35 onwards, levels of both hormones decrease, leading up to menopause
  • However, progesterone levels decrease at a faster rate – causing fat tissue to form at a seemingly less controllable rate than before


Firstly, don’t give up on a healthy, balanced diet and exercise for a healthy heart and toned muscles; this is always a key part in any weight loss or weight management programme.

For those more stubborn fats that just won’t budge with diet and exercise alone, Zenith Cosmetic Clinics offers CRISTAL® Fat Freezing within our Nottingham and London clinics. This revolutionary fat freezing treatment is proven to be highly effective in removing fat from the body; redefining your natural shape.

We understand that sometimes having a healthy diet and exercising alone isn’t enough to get rid of stubborn areas of fat, and this can be extremely disheartening. We offer this non-invasive cryolipolysis treatment to shift fat cells and help you to get back the body you deserve!


We also offer BodyTite™ here at Zenith Nottingham, the most advanced, permanent method of removing fat and tightening the skin simultaneously. This incredible treatment uses radiofrequency skin tightening technology to dramatically improve the contours of the body, in the least invasive way possible.

Our senior doctor, Dr Maini, has lead the way in the development of BodyTite™ bodysculpting here in the UK and has extensive experience in this treatment.

BodyTite™ is similar to traditional liposuction, and can be referred to as laser lipo and laser liposuction, but BodyTite™ is a much more gentle option. It’s used to remodel the body by removing unwanted fat cells by melting down the fat to liquid form first, re-contouring the area and smoothing out the skin.

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Patient Testimonials

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