If you’re looking for a solution to tighten your skin and remove fat at the same time, look no further than Bodytite!

It’s a treatment that does exactly what its name suggests, leaving you with tighter skin and less fat. Sounds great, right?

BodyTite is a revolutionary body sculpting procedure that can effectively reduce fat as well as tighten your skin with minimal invasion. The technology used in this treatment can significantly improve your body contours. This is a permanent procedure that removes fat and tightens the skin at the same time using ‘radiofrequency’ technology.

However, some people often confuse it with liposuction, which may seem similar but is a different treatment altogether.

Main differences between Liposuction and Bodytite

Bodytite is a non-surgical treatment, whereas Liposuction is a surgical treatment. Bodytite is gentle on the skin, while Liposuction can be harsher and require more recovery time. With Bodytite, you can see instant results as the fat is removed from your body during the procedure. (You can see the fat being removed from your body!) The downtime after the Bodytite procedure is also shorter than after Liposuction.
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Which areas of my body can I have treatment?

Bodytite can be used for many various areas of the body including-

Abdomen and lower stomach

(If you have unwanted fat in other areas not listed above, please contact us and we will offer the best possible treatment.)

When is the best time to get treatment & how long is recovery?

The recovery period for Bodytite typically lasts for up to three days. We suggest that our patients schedule some additional time off work during this period, as you will need to wear a pressure garment that may not be practical for everyday activities.

We recommend having the treatment during the colder months, just like how people work on their ‘summer body’ during the winter months. This way, you can be fully prepared for the hot weather and holidays. We ensure that if you want to have the procedure before going abroad or wearing a bikini, you have it well in advance to allow enough time for recovery.

How long do results last?

Result longevity is different from patient to patient, the results are mostly permanent but this is also down to how the patient looks after their body after treatment.
Just like how you would sustain a healthy diet to lose weight, this is the same after Bodytite.

Bodytite has done the hard part for you removing the fat, but now you need to ensure you maintain this by ensuring you following a healthy diet 80% of the time and exercising frequently!

How much does treatment cost?

We have recently updated our pricing for Bodytite, prices are shown as follows-

-Arms- from £3850
-Upper and lower belly- from £4950
-Additional areas at the same time- from £1000

We are excited to offer free video consultations with our doctor every Monday morning. This is a great opportunity for you to discuss your treatment options over video call and determine if it’s worth coming in for in-person consultation.

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Patient Testimonials

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