How much does it cost?

Prices vary from patient to patient and may be in the region of £3,850. Please contact us directly to get further information about prices

Will this affect my dermal fillers?

FaceTite may break down dermal fillers in the face, especially if you have had filler in the last 8 weeks. However, the filler can be replaced after the FaceTite procedure.

How can I access the Nottingham clinic?

We have multiple Zenith Cosmetic Clinics across the UK, but the FaceTite procedure is only available at our Nottingham location.

Our Nottingham location, Zenith Cosmetic Clinic Nottingham, is a five-minute drive, or ten-minute walk, from the heart of the city.

Our address is 6 Clinton Terrace, Derby Road, Nottingham

How can I book an appointment?

Please get in contact today to inquire further about this exciting treatment, and book a consultation with our clinic.

We are also contactable on Facebook.

About Nottingham

Nicknamed ‘Queen of the Midlands’, the city of Nottingham began as an Anglo-Saxon settlement. Today, it is a thriving city, complete with multitudes of shops, restaurants, theatres and historic sites. It was named as the ‘Home of English Sport’ in 2015, due to its proliferation of successful sports teams, and its legacy as the home of the world’s oldest professional football club. It was also nominated as a ‘City of Literature’ by UNESCO, owing to the ties the city has to great literary figures such as Lord Byron and D.H. Lawrence.


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