Dermamelan Peel

Side Effects and Aftercare

Typically after a chemical peel, your face will look a little red and may feel sore or tight. Occasionally cold-sores might reappear if you’ve had them before.

It is important to note that strong chemical peels can result in scarring, infection (very rare), or a darker/lighter skin tone that may be permanent. This is why it is essential that you choose a clinic you can trust to deliver your treatment safely.

Aftercare is relatively simple. You will need to moisturise regularly and avoid direct sunlight as much as possible for at least a month. Use sun cream if this is not practical.


What are the results?

Results depend on the strength of the chemical peel you choose. All chemical peels are designed to improve skin health and brighten your complexion. Stronger peels have the added benefit of smoothing the texture of the skin by removing blemishes.

Though the effects of a strong chemical peel last longer than a mild one, you will still need periodic treatment to maintain results. This is around every few weeks for mild peels and perhaps every 6 months for stronger peels.


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