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An extensive gallery of BodyTite™ before & after pictures, see the incredible results offered from this unique alternative to liposuction. We have an outstanding reputation that extends further than just the UK and have delivered BodyTite™ for many overseas patients.

See below our extensive range of before and after imagery for BodyTite here at Zenith Cosmetic Clinics! 

3 days
3 days
Removes fat
For Ages
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Immediate fat reduction & skin tightening in one treatment

Ideal for targeted problem fat areas such as love handles, thighs and stomach

Gentler than conventional liposuction method

Short recovery time

What patients say

BodyTite Case Studies

We met a 44-year-old lady with heavily stretched skin after having children, when she bent over you could really see how loose the skin was. Post-treatment, the patient was left with much tighter skin and a much better-shaped bottom due to the removal of fat in the lower back.

A patient in her mid 30’s first picture showed very prominent redundant skin when they leant over. A few weeks later, the results showed that there was considerable tightening of the skin that would not be possible with conventional liposuction alone. In normal circumstances, this lady would need a tummy tuck. In this case, a second BodyTite treatment helped to achieve a completely flat abdominal profile.

We treated a patient aged 38 who had undergone smart lipo at another provider, done poorly, leaving very uneven fat and loose skin which the patient felt very conscious about. With BodyTite, we managed to correct these mistakes and leave our patient with a much flatter abdominal profile.

We treated a gentleman in his mid 40’s who had lost an incredible 4 stone through dieting and exercise, however, he was left with very loose floppy skin. Through BodyTite, we managed to tighten the skin, leaving the patient feeling much happier and more confident in their skin.

A patient in their mid-30s came to us having undergone previous SmartLipo some years ago elsewhere. This caused a slight bumpiness to the skin, something we could correct through the use of BodyTite.

A lady in her mid 30’s came to us following 2 pregnancies, after her BodyTite treatment the results were settling extremely well with minimal bruising.

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