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Dermamelan Peel

Dermamelan is the result of years of research into skin pigmentation disorders, and offers incredible results for treating Melasma and stubborn pigmentation caused by acne scarring on the face or body.

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What is a Dermamelan Peel?

Dermamelan is an effective treatment that is used to treat skin blemishes that are caused by melanin such as Melasma/Cholasma. This will improve the overall tone and luminosity of the skin. It involves a combination of professional treatment and a home maintenance cream that must be used as guided to receive the maximum results.

What is the procedure used for?

Dermamelan is great for treating the following pigmentation concerns:

  • Cholasma /Melasma – brown or dark brown patches on the skin that usually occur with hormonal changes i.e pregnancy or the pill
  • Freckles – small, sharply circumscribed pigmented spot(s)
  • Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation - such as brown pigmentation after acne scarring
  • Sun Damage - Severe mottling of the skin caused by extended exposure to the sun
  • Blotchiness - Uneven skin caused by a number of factors such as genetics/sun damage.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

Dermamelan is suitable for all skin types, whether you have severe acne scarring or have developed blotchy skin naturally throughout life - Dermamelan is an effective treatment that deliver outstanding results.

What happens during the procedure?

The Dermamelan treatment consists of two phases and takes 12 months to complete. The typical process at Zenith will run as follows:

Phase One

Your first appointment at the Clinic will be an in-depth consultation lasting around 45 minutes. You will then be given the first part of the treatment which is to be continued at home, on a daily basis as per the instructions you are given. The treatment must not be interrupted under any circumstances, during the whole time prescribed. You cannot use any other products during this time. After this initial period you will be required to revisit the clinic and have your Dermamelan peel. During this treatment, a mask will be applied which stays on for a minimum of 6 hours (you will remove it at home).

Phase Two

After phase one you will be required to attend further visits to the Clinic are after 48 hours, 1 month post treatment and then the following 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. In addition to clinic visits we will provide you with an intensive homecare routine for to be carried out on a daily basis.

What are the side effects or risks?

Dermamelan is a very safe procedure that delivers outstanding results, however there are a number of common side effects that can occur:

  • Skin Tightness – 5-6 days after your Dermamelan cream mask is removed, your skin may feel tight and can appear swollen.
  • Skin Redness – once the mask is removed and during the use of the home cream the face can appear red this will vary depending on each patient.
  • Skin Flaking/Peeling – it is normal to experience some level of flaking/peeling of your skin within the first 7 days of treatment. This can vary from patient to patient and you may need to consider booking a few days off from work. The peeling could persist during your treatment course, but this usually starts to settle as the skin starts to build up a tolerance.

What results can I typically expect?

Most often, this treatments yields results within a week after the professional treatment, with 80% improvement for a month. Most people are excited and very happy with the results at this stage. After one month, it will be clear whether a second peel is desired by the patient. But for the majority of people, this is not necessary.

Added benefits include plump, hydrated skin, reduced pore size (known to reduce spots), regulates sebaceous secretion (greasy skin) and a general rejuvenation of the surface of the skin.

Before your procedure

After you have had your Dermamelan consultation we will schedule you in to start Phase One, prior to this we will require you to adhere the following:

  • Please ensure you arrive on the day of your procedure with no make-up on.
  • Ensure you have suitable mode of transport as we wouldn’t advise taking public transport.

We are located in both central Nottingham and central London, our clinics are very easy to access if you wish to arrange transport before & after your treatment.


It is extremely important to follow the aftercare instructions given by Doctor Maini for this treatment which will be delivered to you in your first consultation. It is also essential you use a moisturising sunscreen on a daily basis.

Unsure whether Dermamelan is for you?

We offer a number of non-surgical skin treatments such as; Dermalux, Dermaroller, CO2 Resurfacing and EndyMed Skin Tightenting