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Professor Sama

"The Nose, literally, is the most central and dominant focus of the face. Rhinoplasty surgery has to be a made to measure surgery that successfully addresses your main concerns, maintains function and achieves a final shape that is in keeping and in harmony with the rest of your face."

- Professor Sama

Professor Sama


Professor Anshul Sama has extensive (over 18 years) experience in nasal reshaping surgery. He has a background as a Lecturer in Anatomy at University of Leeds and Cambridge and specialisation in ENT surgery from North East England. Subsequent to receiving training in Australia, Germany and America he became established as a super-specialist in Nasal and Sinus surgery at the University Hospital Nottingham. He has performed hundreds of procedures and is a member of the European Association of Facial Aesthetic Surgery and British Rhinoplasty Association. He has lectured on Rhinoplasty surgery across many countries - UK, Thailand, India, Denmark and USA. He runs a primer course in facial aesthetic surgery in Nottingham teaching many European surgeons techniques in this field.


Prof. Anshul Sama is a nationally reputed nose specialist based at Queens Medical Centre University Hospital with an expertise in Rhinoplasty surgery. He is a member of European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and ex-council member of ENT UK (National Body of Ear Nose and Throat surgeons), British Rhinology Society and The Royal Society of Medicine Rhinology Section.  He conducts courses (Europe,USA and Asia) in training surgeons in Rhinoplasty techniques. 

A message from Prof Sama:

"As a surgeon who has dedicated his whole career entirely to “The Nose”, I have performed hundreds of Rhinoplasty and nose related procedures, and can consistently offer reliable outcomes. Nose reshaping is about customised changes as no “one size fits all”. Many surgeons have a tendency to use the same technique for all noses. My philosophy is to tailor the technique and the changes to the needs of the patient and the shape most suited to the patient’s face.

"There are a lot of companies that will offer you a “production line” approach. Unfortunately, Rhinoplasty surgery is not like grocery shopping where Heinz baked beans in one supermarket is the same as Heinz Baked beans at another supermarket! Choose your surgeon well and you will not regret this life changing procedure.

I insist on a personalised approach and will always meet at least on two occasions before surgery. In my practice, I will see you for the consultation, I will perform the operation and I will see and follow you up after the operation. Surprisingly, this may not be true to a lot of service providers in this area."


Professor Sama is available at Zenith Cosmetic Clinics in Nottingham for Rhinoplasty/ “Nose Job” procedures. You can expect the following from your operation with him:

  • A personalised and safe service
  • “Made to measure” operation that maintains your facial harmony
  • A surgeon you have met (more than once) and have confidence in
  • A surgeon who entirely specialises in Nose and Rhinoplasty surgery

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