Mr Peter Brooks

Peter Brooks is an established Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon who has worked in both the NHS and private clinics for over ten years. Mr Brooks completed a PHD in wound healing, and completed much of his training in the NHS - dealing with burns, cancer and trauma to the face, hands and body. During this time Mr Brooks became proficient in cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentations, facelifts and nose surgery on the NHS (for medical reasons), so by the time he went into private practice he had been properly trained in cosmetic procedures.

Mr Peter Brooks

Why I like doing cosmetic plastic surgery

"The main reason I like doing cosmetic plastic surgery is because my patients regularly tell me how much of a difference surgery has made to their lives. I really feel it changes lives for the better and I like to think that I contribute something positive when patients have the outcome they want. 

I take time to listen carefully to my patients; to assess medical history, lifestyle and expectations to maximise the chances of a positive outcome. It is essential that as much as possible all cosmetic procedures lead to a good outcome.

I also feel I understand what patients are wanting to achieve from treatment. I think I am successful in almost all cases in delivering a result that meets with my patients expectations, as each of my patients is different and each procedure needs to be tailored to their needs and how they are before treatment.

I make sure I give as much information as possible to allow patients to make good decisions and I take as much time as needed to answer all questions about the treatment before anything is done. On the day of surgery the only thing that should be on your mind is the operation not a whole lot of uncertainties about issues."

My track record

"Most people who come to see me are happy with the care they receive from the time we first meet to when they are discharged after their surgery or treatment. Feedback shows that almost all of my patients are very happy with care they receive from me. In 2017 so far, the feedback from all my patients was positive and I have had less than 3% acute complication rate; all of which was resolved to the patient's satisfaction. There are sometimes minor problems with requiring dressing and wound care which are not icluded in these figures as they don’t require a return to hospital or stop people getting on with their lives."


"Because I have passed my Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons exam FRCS(Ed) I am no longer called Dr. Brooks, but now have the honorary title given to surgeons; Mr. Brooks. The MBBS is my basic medical degree from the University of London. The FRCS(Plast) means I have passed the UK exam at the end of my training as a plastic surgeon. I have a PhD, which is an academic research doctorate from the University of Manchester in wound healing and scarring. 

I enjoy research and teaching and am an instructor on the Advanced Trauma Life Support course and the Advanced Paediatric Life Support Course.

I have published and presented many original medical research papers in the UK and abroad and I am helping to write the plastic surgery manual for Medecins sans Frontiers.

In addition to my work as a surgeon, I provide medical opinion and expertise to the courts, when people have decided to sue their doctor or hospital due to poor care."

My life outside surgery

"Not that this will affect surgery, but some patients like to know something about the person behind the surgeon's gown. You are putting a great deal of trust in me, so it’s important to be comfortable with me as a person as well as a medial professional.

I have been married for nearly 20 years and have 4 lovely children.

Out of work, I am an enthusiastic musician and perform in public several times a year with my group. I also encourage my children in music who are reasonably accomplished; the oldest being at grade 8 in the piano and who sings in the local cathedral choir.

I collect and restore old motorcycles and musical instruments, as I enjoy working out how things work and putting them back together again.

I speak French, as I lived and worked in Paris for a while when I was younger, and have recently taken a European language exam (to work in Haiti), which has confirmed my French is at a good level.

I also enjoy reading, gardening and going on holiday to interesting places."

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