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Mr Rawlins is an extremely accomplished surgeon that we are proud to be able to work with at Zenith. Patients fly in from all over the world to see Jeremy – and he flies in a few times a year to do the clinics and surgeries at Zenith. He has specialist interests in body contouring, scar improvement, and all types of cosmetic surgery. 

Mr Jeremy Rawlins

Mr Jeremy Rawlins is a fully qualified and accredited Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

Mr Rawlins can perform all cosmetic procedures at Zenith, he most regularly carries out ReCell treatments and excisions due to his expertise in these areas.


Mr Rawlins is involved in many aspects of plastic surgery research and has published his work and presented it nationally and internationally over many years. He continues to be involved in epidemiological, basic science and clinical burns and cutaneous scar research. Other research interests include wound healing, trauma, skin cancer, and aesthetic plastic surgery.

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