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NeckTiteTM is a less invasive method of tightening the skin on your neck, without the extensive scarring which can be expected with surgery.

Neck Lift
3 days
For Ages

What is NeckTite™?

NeckTite tightens the skin on your neck while removing fat at the same time.

What is the procedure used for?

As with the face, the neck is also one of the first areas of the body to show signs of ageing. As skin loses its elasticity, it begins to sag, resulting in an increase of lines and wrinkles. Excess skin may also be a result of severe weight loss and pregnancy. NeckTite is specifically designed to tighten the skin on your neck without causing any damage to any of the delicate areas nearby.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

Anyone suffering from ageing, baggy, loose skin on their neck but it is not suitable for pregnant women.

What happens during the procedure?

Our senior doctor, Doctor Maini, will administer a local anaesthetic to your chin and neck area. The NeckTite cannula is then inserted and the fat is heated using radiofrequency, which instantly and visibly tightens the skin. Once the area has been heated to the required temperature, the melted oil/fat is very gently removed.

What are the side effects or risks?

  • Bruising (although this is minimal)

What results can I typically expect?

Within a few days you should be able to see that your neck is much smoother and the skin is tighter.

Very occasionally, it can take slightly longer to see the full effect of your procedure.

In some cases, a second treatment may be required to tighten the skin further; especially if you are older or there is significant damage to your skin.


A supportive neck garment is worn for three days. The majority of patients need no more than two paracetamol to manage any pain. We ask that patients avoid blood thinning medication for five days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who performs the procedure?

Dr Maini, our top doctor, performs BodyTite, NeckTite and FaceTite.

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