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BodyTite™ Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

BodyTite™ is similar to liposuction, but is a much more gentle option. It's used to remodel the body by removing unwanted fat cells, re-contouring the area and smoothing out the skin.

At Zenith Cosmetic Clinics we offer the BodyTite™ procedure locally here in Nottingham with Free on-site parking for all of our customers.

We have an outstanding reputation that extends further than just the UK and have delivered BodyTite™ for many overseas patients.

See below why more and more patients are choosing BodyTite™ here at Zenith Cosmetic Clinics! 

3 days
Removes fat
For Ages


What is BodyTite™?

We believe that BodyTite™ is one of the best systems in the world to tighten and lift sagging skin with fat underneath it. BodyTite™ is quick, relatively painless and has a quick recovery time unlike some other more invasive procedures for fat reduction. Radio frequency is used to heat up the fat to melt it, which in turn shrinks the skin and tissue holding the fat cells to contour your body.

What is BodyTite™ used for?

BodyTite™ is used to shape your body and tighten your skin. It's ideal for targeting problem areas such as love handles, thighs and stomach, by using a minimally invasive lipolysis technique which melts fat deposits using heat (bipolar radio frequency energy). One of the unique features of BodyTite™ is its ability to safely and precisely heat the fatty tissue being contoured.

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Who is the treatment suitable for?

Most people would be suitable for BodyTite™, but we would recommend a consultation to anyone considering the procedure to set realistic expectations. In general, patients that are of a healthy weight but have stubborn areas of fat and/or skin that needs tightening will get the best results - the better the skin, the quicker it responds. We have an extensive gallery of before and after pictures that cover; all ages, male & female and a number of target areas such as; stomach/belly, legs, thighs, arms, neck and much more.

Many of our patients are women that have had caesareans and want to get rid of the apron below their stomach - the results are exceptional on this type of patient and we are confident you will be happy. 

What happens during the procedure?

  • The doctor will examine and mark out the area to be treated and take pictures for your file.
  • We then clean the area and administer an anaesthetic to the fat to make it numb.
  • The BodyTite™ cannula is then assembled (all patients are treated with completely new equipment which is destroyed following the procedure). A cannula is essentially a hollow tube that is used for the procedure. The excess fat and fluids will be drained out of the body through the cannula.
  • The cannula is inserted through incision marks around 3mm in size. This is not painful as the area will be numb.
  • The fat is softened and removed using the cannula.

What are the side effects of BodyTite™?

  • Bruising
  • Uneven skin for approximately two to three weeks following treatment
  • Swelling
  • Minor redness and/or sensitivity in the treatment area
  • Soreness and tenderness immediately post-procedure

What results can I typically expect from BodyTite™?

BodyTite, bodytite, weightloss, weight loss, fat reduction, BodyTite

Results from BodyTite™ should be permanent. However, as with many weight loss and fat reduction procedures, this will only be the case if you continue to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle following treatment. BodyTite does not prevent future weight gain. To get a full picture of how effective BodyTite™ really is we highly recommend taking a look at our extensive gallery of before and after pictures.

The skin can be seen to tighten immediately during the procedure. We are confident that the vast majority of patients will get 90% of the result that they want by the end of the procedure.

It is usual for the skin to become slightly uneven at week 3; the skin then takes 3-9 months to become smooth again, but will usually still look much better than before. Follow up continues for up to 12 months as it can take that long for the final results to become visible.

Before your BodyTite™ procedure

  • It's important to arrange your transportation home prior to your BodyTite™ procedure as due to the nature of skin tightening, you will not be able to drive. Whether you live local to our Nottingham or London clinics we recommend either taking public transport or making plans for a partner/spouse to drive you home, both clinics are located close to public transport stations, or if you require an overnight stay please talk to our friendly team who may be able to help make arrangements for you. We are also able to provide details of approved driver services that we can recommend.


  • After your BodyTite™ procedure, you will need to wear a pressure garment and should be able to return to work within 2-3 days.

  • You will be provided with painkillers to help with any of the pain from the skin tightening.

  • The day after your BodyTite™ procedure we will see you to change the dressings or remove them as leaking will usually have stopped by then.

  • We then contact you as required for the next few weeks and months to make sure you are happy with the results of your BodyTite™ procedure.

How much does BodyTite™ cost?

At Zenith Cosmetics, our BodyTite™ procedures start at just £2,500, which can be paid via Credit, Debit, Cash or Bank Transfer. We also offer Zenith Finance, allowing you to split the cost into monthly payments of which we offer 6 months interest free. If you would like to chat more about BodyTite™, and our finance options available, get in touch with our experienced team at Zenith Clinics today to arrange your consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need a second treatment?

Only one BodyTite™ procedure is usually needed, although some people (approximately 2% according to the manufacturers of the device) may require a second procedure to get the best result.

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