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Laser Mole Removal

At Zenith Cosmetic Clinics we are proud to offer a revolutionary mole removal technique using radiosurgery that can safely and quickly remove moles, warts and other dermal bumps with little to no scarring. Having performed hundreds of procedures over the years we are experts at laser mole removal techniques and consequently, it is one of the most popular treatments here at Zenith. Our laser mole removal treatment is available at both our Nottingham and London clinics - please get in touch today to book in your consultation.

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Mole Removal

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What are moles?

Moles are a form of pigmented lesion that are usually brown or black. Moles can appear anywhere on the skin, alone or in groups. Most moles appear in early childhood and during the first 25 years of a person's life. It is normal to have between 10-40 moles by adulthood. Moles can become an issue if they are felt to be unsightly and can make you feel self-conscious or they can cause discomfort such as rubbing on clothing. Here at Zenith Cosmetic Clinics we offer revolutionary laser mole removal and have had amazing patient results (please see our before and after gallery).

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Here at Zenith, Dr Maini’s preferred method for mole removal is radiosurgery, which has incredible benefits for patients as it is less invasive, highly efficient, causes little bleeding and leaves a small/barely visible scar. There are other types of mole removal such as shaving and excision but this is something you can discuss further with Dr Maini. You may have aesthetic or medical reasons for wanting to remove a mole - perhaps it is unsightly or you catch it on your clothing, or maybe you cut it while shaving. Radiosurgery is quick and efficient and gives excellent results. See right for a typical mole removal cost, and see if this treatment is suited to your needs.

Mole removal at a glance

1 day
for ages
Notts / London
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Who is mole removal suitable for?

Radiosurgery is ideal for any raised lesion on the skin – especially the face, due to the superior healing it offers. In general, most moles are good candidates for removal, although if you have any suspicious moles they may need to be removed by a dermatologist. The best thing to do is to book in for a consultation with Dr Maini and he can advise you on whether removing a mole is the best option for you.

What patients say


  • Dr Maini will administer some local anaesthetic to numb the area being treated. He will then perform the removal using the radiosurgery machine.
  • The machine emits ultra-high frequency radio waves into the handheld electrode which, when applied to the mole, excites the water within the cells of the mole causing them to vaporise.
  • The cells seal themselves with no blood, and no damaged tissue is left behind.
  • Most mole removal procedures only require one visit and on average take just 15-20 minutes.
Mole Removal Testimonial - Zenith Clinics

Benefits of mole removal

  • Self-confidence - feeling happier in your own skin
  • Enhance natural aesthetics
  • Physical - stops the mole from catching/rubbing on clothing
  • Health - checking moles is highly important if you see a change in your moles please see your GP as soon as possible as some moles can be dangerous/cancerous.


  • Minor swelling
  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Some mole removal scarring

Meet Dr Maini - Our Mole Removal Specialist

Dr Maini Mole Removal Specialist

Here at Zenith Cosmetic Clinics, we pride ourselves on not only the high-quality service that we offer patients but also our team of excellence and experience. Dr Maini is our senior Doctor here at Zenith, he is am a member of the British College of Aesthetic medicine (MBCAM) a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD) and The British Medical Laser Association (BMLA).

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How much does Mole Removal Cost?

• Laser mole removal uk start from £355 upwards

• The price of your mole removal depends on size, quantity and essentially what you’d like to achieve from your treatment. If your mole can’t be treated with a laser you will be told in your consultation with Dr Maini and offered other alternative treatments.

Each subsequent mole after costs only £100. If you have more than one mole you would like removing, we can discuss this with your during your consultation.

• Once you have seen Dr Maini for your consultation you should have a clear indication of how much your treatment should cost.

Mole removal results

Mole Removal Testimonial - Zenith Clinics

Our laser mole removal techniques give fantastic results as you can see from the picture above of a facial laser removal before and after. Most lesions require no dressings and within 3-4 weeks all that remains is a small red or pink mark. By 6 weeks this has normally disappeared. This surgery is ideal for any raised lesion on the skin – especially the face, due to the superior healing it offers.

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5 Year Guarantee

With each mole we remove, you have a 5 guarantee. We use the most technically advanced methods and are confident in the results. However, to give patients peace of mind we provide a 5-year guarantee on each mole so that if it begins to grow back during this 5 year period you can have it re-treated free of charge.


You may wish to take the day off work dependent on the size of the lesion but should be able to return to work the following day. You will be advised on the best aftercare at the time of the mole removal. Recovery should take one to four weeks depending on the size of the mole and you must wait 10-14 days to apply makeup to the area as the skin needs to heal properly. Dr Maini is available via Whatsapp for advice following your procedure should you need him.

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Did you know that you can book your consultation in either of our cosmetic clinics in Nottingham or London? We’re dedicated to providing a high quality, personal and convenient service for each and every one of our patients, making it as easy as possible for you to gain access to our highly skilled practitioners. So why not get started on your journey today? Book in at our Nottingham or London clinic today, we can’t wait to see you soon.

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Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do before my mole removal?

We offer a 'Send a picture' service which allows you to send in some photographs of your mole/s for our Doctor to look at. Doctor Maini can then advise whether he can do the treatment for you and how much it is likely to cost. It also means the doctor can usually treat you on the day of your consultation; therefore meaning less inconvenience for you.

Will the mole grow back after the mole removal?

Most facial procedures only require one visit. The effect of the procedure is long-lasting although of course there can be no guarantee that the lesion will not recur. Some moles have a deep element and so recurrence in these cases is possible. A repeat procedure at a later date in some cases may be required.

Do you offer body and facial mole removal?

Radiosurgery laser mole removal is perfect for both the face and body. You can have a mole removed from anywhere on your body. Dr Maini has years of experience removing moles from the face and sensitive and hard to reach places.

Do you offer mole removal in London and Nottingham?

Yes, we offer laser mole removal radiosurgery in London and laser mole removal Nottingham but when booking your consultation please state where you’d like to be seen for your consultation and where you’d like your treatment to be done.

Does laser mole removal hurt?

Laser Removal is described as feeling like the flick of an elastic band but you will be numbed in the area so you shouldn’t feel much pain at all.

What happens at a mole removal consultation?

You will be booked in to see Dr Maini who will perform a thorough mole check, where he will discuss your mole removal options. You may have specific concerns and questions about the different methods of treatment, which Dr Maini will discuss. The method and price of removal depends on the size and shape of the mole and will all be discussed and decided in your consultation.

What health concerns are related to moles?

One of the main concerns in regards to moles is whether the mole has become cancerous. The vast majority of moles are not dangerous. Moles that are more likely to be cancer are those that look different than other existing moles or those that first appear after age 25. If you notice changes in a mole's color, height, size, or shape, you should have a Doctor evaluate it. You also should have moles checked if they bleed, ooze, itch, or become tender or painful.

The following ABCDEs are important characteristics to consider when examining moles. If a mole displays any of the signs listed below, have it checked immediately by a Doctor/ dermatologist as it could be cancerous.

  • Asymmetry. One half of the mole does not match the other half.
  • Border. The border or edges of the mole are ragged, blurred, or irregular.
  • Color. The color of the mole is not the same throughout or has shades of tan, brown, black, blue, white, or red.
  • Diameter. The diameter of a mole is larger than the eraser of a pencil.
  • Evolution. The mole is changing in size, shape, or color.

How long does laser mole removal take?

Your laser removal treatment should take 15 - 30 mins

Can I get mole removal on finance?

If the cost of your treatment plan is priced over £2500 finance options are available but we do not offer finance for treatments below this amount.

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