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Laser Genesis

Cutera Laser Genesis is Zenith Cosmetic Clinics’ most advanced laser rejuvenation treatment; providing a safe and gentle option to treat a variety of skin conditions. Often referred to as the ‘lunch-time’ facial, this highly innovative skin treatment stimulates the skin’s natural processes to promote a younger and more healthy appearance in under 30 minutes! If you’re suffering from acne scarring, redness, age spots, wrinkles or fine lines then this revolutionary treatment is perfect for you. Find out more about laser genesis by arranging a consultation in Nottingham and start the journey to achieving glowy and more youthful skin.

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Laser Genesis Removal

What is Laser Genesis

The cutera laser genesis treatment is a safe and effective laser treatment that is scientifically proven to stimulate the skin’s production of collagen and elastin. Micro-pulses of light safely heats the upper dermis below your skin’s surface to reduce redness on the face, fade acne scars and age spots, reduce the size of pores and restore a more youthful glow.

A light lactic peel helps to exfoliate and hydrate the skin before the treatment while a crystal fibre mask is applied afterwards to heal and hydrate. With no downtime, this laser treatment is popularly known as a ‘lunch-time’ facial, as you’re able to resume normal activities immediately. Although the individual treatment results are subtle, the overall effect of a treatment series can be quite dramatic and leave with you with an overall more healthy and youthful appearance. If you would like to find out more about this laser skin resurfacing treatment, arrange a consultation with our clinicians in Nottingham today.

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How Does Cutera Laser Genesis Work

Laser Genesis utilizes non-invasive laser technology to safely, discretely and effectively treat fine lines and wrinkles, diffuse excessive redness, pigmentation, and also help manage large pores. It even treats uneven skin texture and helps to reduce scars from acne on the skin. The treatment results are subtle yet consistent after each treatment, but without unwanted side effects such as bruising or excessive skin irritation. All of our treatments are carried out by an experienced practitioner, in a comfortable and relaxed environment in one of our clinics here at Zenith Nottingham.

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Benefits of Laser Genesis

Here are some of the key benefits of laser genesis, and why our patients love this lunch-time facial so much:

• Reduced redness or ‘rosy cheeks’
• Evens skin-tone
• Softens fine lines and wrinkles
• Helps to reduce and reverse the signs of ageing
• Reduce the appearance from scars and otherwise
• Reduced pore size
• Fade age spots
• Even out skin texture
• No downtime
• No side effects such as bruising or excessive skin irritation
• Fast treatment time
• Promotes collagen and elastin production

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What Areas Can Be Treated With Laser Genesis

Any part of the body can be treated with laser genesis, but the most common area is the face and neck. If you have other areas of your body with noticeable signs of ageing, sun damage or scarring arrange your consultation and we can discuss whether this treatment is suitable for you.

What Does The Laser Genesis Procedure Feel Like?

Most people find having laser genesis to be a relaxing experience. At Zenith Cosmetic Clinic, we refer to this treatment as our laser facial as it feels more like a facial than an intense laser treatment. Cutera Laser Genesis gently warms the skin to a temperature of no discomfort and you can expect to return to your daily activities as normal straight after the treatment.

How Many Laser Genesis Treatments Will I Need?

Although you will see immediate benefits from a single treatment, here at Zenith Cosmetic Clinic we recommend 6 sessions spaced 2-3 weeks apart for best results. However, we can discuss this with you during your initial consultation and discuss the treatment plan with you, based on what you want to achieve.

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Laser Genesis Results

Over the course of 3 to 6 treatments, Laser Genesis can help restore the skin’s youthful glow and appearance by smoothing out uneven textures caused by ageing, sun damage or scars. You will see a more youthful, healthy complexion emerge as large pores are reduced in size, and redness diffused. Although individual treatment results are subtle, the overall effect of multiple treatments can be quite dramatic. Of course, the results of the treatment will depend on your individual circumstances.

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How Long Do The Results of Laser Genesis Last?

As discussed above, the best results are seen over time and after a series of treatments. How long laser the genesis results last depends on the nature of treatment, and on factors such as how much time you spend in the sun. Laser Genesis provides permanent results when being used to treat scars, but other for other issues such as pigmentation this will require future top-ups.

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Preparing For Cutera Laser Genesis Treatment

• Do not wear makeup on the day of treatment
• Excess hair may need to be shaved. Men should be cleanly shaved
• No sun-tanning or self-tanners 4 weeks prior to treatment
• Includes spray tans, tanning lotions, tanning beds, sun exposure, etc.
• Avoid treatments that may irritate the skin for 1-2 weeks prior to treatment (waxing, depilatories, etc.)
• Notify the clinic with any changes to your health history or medications since your last appointment
• History of herpes or cold sores may require an anti-viral prescription prior to treatment

Of course, we will talk this through with you in greater detail during your consultation to make sure you are fully prepared for your laser genesis treatment.

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After Your Treatment

• Avoid sun exposure and use a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen to prevent further sun damage to the skin.
• Bruising, redness and swelling may occur and resolve with time.
• Avoid heat – hot tubs, saunas, etc. for 1-2 days.
• Avoid skin irritants (examples below) a few days post-treatment
• Products containing tretinoin, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic/salicylic acids, astringents, etc.

In terms of any concerns you have, whether that be side effects or when to resume your skin care regime - contact our clinic. We’re here to help you through the process, and respond to any questions or concerns you might have.

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After Your Treatment

Laser Genesis might be a good choice for you if:

• You have enlarged pores or redness from sun damage: Laser Genesis seals off problematic blood vessels that cause redness and stimulates collagen and elastin production.
• You have sunspots, uneven pigmentation and texture, or scarring: Laser Genesis evens skin tone and texture, including scars. It stimulates collagen production, improving texture and fine lines and helping to minimize pores. It also helps to smooth and soften scars.
• You don’t need treatment for heavy wrinkling: Laser Genesis works best for early aging, fine lines, and sun damage.
• You’re okay with having multiple sessions spaced several weeks apart: You may need three to five sessions, two to four weeks apart, to see optimal results.

“Laser genesis targets redness and mild pigmentation. It is best used to heal red marks left behind from acne, as well as to help treat active inflammatory acne,” says dermatologist Dr. Claire Wolinsky in a RealSelf Q&A.

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After Your Treatment

Because Laser Genesis is non-invasive, there are very few risks, side effects or down-time required. However, there may be a slight redness that should disappear within a couple of hours of having the treatment – if you have any concerns before or after your treatment please contact us at Zenith Cosmetic Clinics. We’re here to assist you through the process.

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Laser Genesis

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So why not start the journey to youthful, more glowy skin? Book a consultation at Zenith Nottingham today.

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Laser Genesis Before & After

Laser Genesis Nottingham & Derby

One of our clinics is located just to the west of the city centre of Nottingham, with plenty of parking available for patients and visitors. This central location makes us perfect whether you’re from Derby, Nottingham, Loughborough or Leicester. So if you’re looking for laser genesis near you, look no further than Zenith Cosmetic Clinics. Get in touch to arrange your laser genesis consultation today!

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Did you know that you can book your consultation in either of our cosmetic clinics in Nottingham or London? We’re dedicated to providing a high quality, personal and convenient service for each and every one of our patients, making it as easy as possible for you to gain access to our highly skilled practitioners. So why not get started on your journey today? Book in at our Nottingham or London clinic today, we can’t wait to see you soon.

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Frequently asked questions

What else is laser genesis known as?

You may have heard this treatment referred to as an acne scar laser treatment, stretch mark removal or simply a skin laser treatment.

Does laser genesis remove hair?

No laser genesis is not a hair removal treatment. However, the same laser wavelength may be used for laser hair removal on darker skin.

Are laser genesis results permanent?

This treatment provides permanent results when being used to treat scars, but other for other issues such as pigmentation this will require future top-ups.

Is laser genesis good for rosacea?

Laser Genesis is a treatment which can help rosacea over time. If you suffer from this condition, it’s worth booking a consultation so that we can give you advice and guidance that is specific to your individual circumstances.

Can laser genesis damage your skin?

This is a highly safe and non-invasive treatment, so there is no need to worry about it causing damage to your skin.

Can laser genesis cause hyperpigmentation?

No, laser genesis can actually help to treat it!

Can I have laser genesis when pregnant?

It’s better to avoid laser treatments to the skin in general whilst pregnant, as it can be more difficult to predict the results.

What does diffuse redness mean?

Facial redness generally occurs due to red blood vessels that are known as called Telangiectasia. You may have heard these called ‘broken capillaries’. Diffuse redness commonly affects areas such as the nose, forehead, and cheeks.

Can laser genesis remove age spots on my face?

This treatment will help to reduce the appearance of age spots yes.

Will laser genesis hurt?

No, not at all. We refer to this treatment as more of a facial, and many patients report feeling very comfortable and relaxed with no associated pain.

Can this help fade acne scars?

Yes, definitely!

Is your laser genesis treatment available in Nottingham and London?

Nottingham only.

What age is suitable for laser genesis treatment?

18 years and over only.

If I require more than one treatment, do I pay for all the treatments before or as I go?

You would just pay for Laser Genesis treatments are you go, it is a treatment you’d maybe have once every three - six months.

What are collagen and elastin?

Collagen is the most common protein that is found in our bodies, in simple terms it is the substance that holds the body together as it provides both strength and structure. Elastin is a highly elastic protein in our tissue and has elastic properties (hence its name), this substance is responsible for tissues to go back to their original shape after being stretched.

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