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CRISTAL® and CoolSculpting

Zenith Cosmetic Clinics are proud to offer CRISTAL® and CoolSculpting; revolutionary fat freezing treatments that are proven to be highly effective in removing fat from the body; redefining your natural shape. We understand that sometimes having a healthy diet and exercising alone isn’t enough to get rid of stubborn areas of fat, and this can be extremely disheartening. We offer this non-invasive cryolipolysis treatment to shift fat cells and help you to get back the body you deserve! Find out more about this innovative fat freezing treatment below book your consultation in Nottingham or London to start your journey to a happier and more confident you.

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Cristal Fat Freezing

What is fat freezing?

Fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, is a method which uses controlled freezing to cool fat cells until they crystallise, and the fat cells themselves actually die. The crystallised fat is naturally disposed of by your body in the weeks that follow the session, leaving you with your natural shape and curves; something that is unable to be achieved from exercise and dieting. You might not think so, but this innovative technique is non-invasive and requires absolutely no anaesthesia or downtime. You can continue with your normal activities immediately after the session.

Fat Freezing Results

After 8 weeks, the result will be optimal and definitive; you will be able to enjoy your new curves! Please see below for some fat freezing before and afters from our Nottingham and Harley Street Clinics.

What areas of the body can fat freezing be used on?

Fat freezing can be used to treat stubborn fat on some the following areas:

• Chin (under the neck and double chin)
• Arms
• Back / Bra area
• Male chest (pseudogynecomastia)
• Abdomen
• Love handles
• Thighs
• Under buttocks (saddlebags)
• Knees
• Calves

If there are other areas of your body with stubborn fat you would like to treat which aren’t listed above, the best thing to do is to arrange a consultation at one of our clinics. That way, we can assess your current situation and advise you on whether CRISTAL® Cool Sculpting is the right treatment for you. If not, we can advise an alternative treatment to better suit your needs.

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Is CRISTAL® suitable for you?

Fat Freezing is considered a safe and effective way to reduce the number of fat cells is in a given area of the body. If you’re looking to embrace your natural shape and reduce fat rolls that you’re feeling insecure about, this could be the perfect treatment for you.

However, it’s important to note that Fat Freezing, CRISTAL® and CoolSculpting are not considered forms of weight loss, and therefore are not recommended as a treatment of obesity. This type of treatment is designed to treat stubborn fat cells that usually only shrink through diet and exercise.

Book a consultation at one of our clinics in Nottingham or London Harley Street, and we can discuss your suitability for this treatment further.

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Benefits of fat freezing

Here are some of the key benefits of this fat freezing treatment:

• As the procedure is non-invasive, it’s low risk for most people. No need to worry about infections or scarring!
• No downtime is necessary for this treatment, so there is no need to take time off work post or pre-procedure
• Results develop gradually in the weeks following the treatment, so the end result is natural
• It is a perfect treatment for those who have lost weight but are struggling to get rid of excess fat in some areas
• Results are extremely long-lasting because the crystallised fat cells are removed from the body
• Improve body confidence and self-esteem

Side effects & risks

Some side effects may include:

• Aches
• Bruising
• Cramps
• Itchiness
• Muscle spasms
• Nausea
• Numbness
• Redness
• Stinging
• Swelling
• Tenderness
• Tingling

However, these should only be temporary.

CRISTAL® or CoolSculpting?

We offer both Cristal and CoolSculpting as fat freezing treatments at our clinics here at Zenith. So whether you're looking for fat freezing in London, or fat freezing in Nottingham, we are here to suit your needs. Both the Cristal and CoolSculpting machines work slightly differently and are better suited to different individuals, depending on their current situation and what they’d like to achieve. During your consultation, we’ll assess whether Cristal or CoolSculpting is best suited to you.

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How does fat freezing work?

What does fat freezing feel like?

You might feel slight pinching and pulling sensations throughout the short treatment, and it is not uncommon to feel some itching and swelling post-treatment. However, the overall pain and discomfort associated with this treatment is very low. We do our very best to ensure each of our patients is relaxed and comfortable throughout their procedure, so if you’re worried about any discomfort we can reassure you and put measures in place to help.

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Did you know that you can book your consultation in either of our cosmetic clinics in Nottingham or London? We’re dedicated to providing a high quality, personal and convenient service for each and every one of our patients, making it as easy as possible for you to gain access to our highly skilled practitioners. So why not get started on your journey today? Book in at our Nottingham or London clinic today, we can’t wait to see you soon.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does the CRISTAL® treatment last?

Generally, the treatment is no more than 60 minutes per zone. We try and make the procedure as comfortable as possible, so can choose to enjoy your session by reading or listening to music.

Will I need any downtime?

Because fat freezing is non-invasive and low risk, there is no downtime required after treatment. Feel free to continue with your normal activities immediately after the session.

When will I start to see results?

You will not see immediate results from CRISTAL® as the crystallised fat cells still need to be removed by the body (which is a natural process). Results will be seen between 6 and 10 weeks post-treatment and you will continue to lose fat in the following months.

Is fat freezing safe?

Yes, this procedure is non-invasive, painless, and perfectly safe.

How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on your individual circumstances, however, most patients need between one and two treatments in order to get their desired results.

Is fat freezing suitable for men and women?

Yes! This is perfect for both men and women.

Is CRISTAL® the same as fat freezing?

Yes, you may hear this treatment being referred to as CRISTAL®, fat freezing, CoolSculpting, cryolipolysis or cryo lipo.

Is your Cristal service the same as CoolSculpting?

Yes, both these treatments utilise fat freezing technology and treat the same problems. If you have particular questions regarding either Cristal or CoolSculpting, the best thing to do is to contact our clinic

What are you fat freezing prices in London?

Contact us for pricing regarding our fat freezing consultation, so that we can give you a price suited to your circumstances.

Are you close to the Midlands?

Yes, our Nottingham clinic is in close proximity to surrounding areas including, Derby, Leicester, Lichfield and Mansfield.

Do you offer both treatments in Nottingham and London?

Yes, both Cristal and CoolSculpting are offered in Nottingham and London!

Where is your London clinic?

Our London clinic is based in Harley Street, set in a fantastic location. Why not book your consultation for fat freezing in Harley street today?

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