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Alevere Weight Loss Therapy

Alevere Weight Loss Therapy combines a calorie-controlled diet with body contouring techniques that tighten your skin as you lose the weight. The result is a slimmer, happier you but without the excess skin often associated with rapid weight loss.

Weight loss therapy


What is Alevere Weight Loss Therapy?

Alevere Therapy is a fast, safe way to lose a lot of weight and get a better body shape. This weight loss programme has been developed by doctors and has two parts - a diet that causes rapid weight loss and, body shaping so you are not be left with loose skin, or lumps and bumps caused by stubborn areas of fat. This makes alevere weight loss work towards your long term goals, and is a popular choice for both men and women. 

What is the program used for?

The primary focus of alevere weight loss therapy is to help you lose weight and reduce stored fat to improve your health. This will help lower your cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure and lower the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. Additionally, the program can help to improve your self confidence by giving you a slimmer figure. If you would like to discuss alevere therapy costs, get in touch with Zenith for a free consultation. 

Who is the treatment suitable for?

Alevere is tailored to each new patient, so it can accommodate various weight loss goals and therefore be suitable to most individuals. All new patients to the Alevere program will undergo a full consultation with our medical experts to assess their suitability. The consultation will include a full assessment of your existing medical conditions and your program is then tailored to your goals.

Alevere weight loss therapy is especially suited to those with medical problems such as diabetes, heart failure, MS and high blood pressure because you are looked after by a doctor-led team. You will have access to our doctor at all times.

What happens during Alevere Weight Loss Therapy?

You will be eating a lot, and probably more often than before. Some patients tell us they find it difficult to fit in all the food they are meant to eat in a day!

The diet part of Alevere Therapy is in three stages. In the first stage you will eat five Alevere nutritional products each day. These are protein-based and come in a range of savoury and sweet flavours, and you will be able to create tasty, satisfying meals from them. On top of those, you will eat unlimited quantities of a range of fruit and vegetables.

After the first stage, which is when you will lose most of your weight, we will help you gradually introduce other foods back into your daily diet.

Losing weight does not mean you will automatically get the great body shape you want, so the Alevere program also uses the latest technology to tighten your skin as you lose the weight:

  • Firstly, we use ultrasound technology to break down stubborn fat deposits under your skin. Scientific evidence proves this technique works. This is a really important treatment because dieting alone often won't shift these thick stores of fat. If they were to stay, you would probably still be unhappy with your figure, even after losing all the weight.
  • Then, we make your skin contract as you lose weight by tightening and firming it all over, using technology that stimulates it to make collagen and elastic fibres. This treatment also smooths out bumpy and uneven skin and improves your lymphatic drainage, so that the fat broken down by the ultrasound is more easily removed by your body.

In the first stage of the program, you will have regular - and sometimes weekly - appointments with either a doctor, nurse, or therapist at Zenith to monitor your progress and administer the ultrasound and tightening treatments.

After the initial stage of the eating plan, a complete range of natural and healthy food groups are reintroduced in a carefully calculated and step-wise manner. This not only stabilises your weight at its new and healthy level, but progressively teaches you the best and the healthiest habits for the rest of your life.

What are the side effects or risks?

This is a doctor-led program and you will be assessed weekly as you lose the weight, so it is in effect the safest diet you could follow. At each appointment we will check your weight and blood pressure, and also carry out blood tests to check the state of your health at the start and end of the program. We will also check the liver and kidney are functioning properly to make sure you are not having any adverse side effects from the diet.

What results can I typically expect?

We aim for a rate of weight loss of between six and 12kg (13 to 26 lbs) per month for most patients. The weight loss on the treatment program is remarkably predictable and your expected rate of weight loss is therefore calculated for you by the doctor at your very first consultation, before you start the treatment. You will know, in advance, what the rate of your weight loss will be at each stage of the treatment program and how long it should therefore take you to reach your target weight.

The other great thing about Alevere, that sets it apart from other diets, is the therapy aspect of the diet. You will be given advice, tools and guidelines to help prepare you for life after the diet - in effect, you will be trained to think differently about food. This is the part of the program that will help you keep the weight off once you're eating normally again.

Things to bear in mind

Alevere Therapy is a commitment - both financially and with regards to your lifestyle, and will therefore not be suitable for everyone. Come and talk to our friendly team for more information - you will be met with compassion and not judgement, and we will make sure you are making an informed choice.


We will have achieved nothing if you regain the weight, so the most important part of Alevere Therapy is the stabilisation and maintenance treatment. Crucially, we measure your metabolic rate once you are at your new weight with specialised medical equipment, then we tell you exactly what you can eat and how much, based on that specific measurement. And we don’t just leave you to get on with it, we arrange monthly follow-up care. And don’t forget that your new weight and body shape will also be a great motivator. You will love slipping into those clothes you could not have imagined wearing before. Patients find that Alevere Therapy transforms their body in a way they just did not think was possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be hungry?

No. The Alevere programme has been specifically designed to maintain blood sugar levels and you may find you will be eating more often than before - just differently. Many of our patients tell us that their main difficulty is fitting all of their food into a day.

Is exercise necessary?

Exercise is always a good idea when following any weight loss plan. However, it will not help with reducing the fat tissue stored under the skin. While following Alevere Therapy, you will receive ultrasound treatments that will target the stored fat and improve your skin tone and elasticity.

Why is Alevere Therapy better than other diets?

All diets will make you lose weight for a while, but as you starve yourself your body reduces your metabolic rate as a survival mechanism, so losing becomes harder. Also on a crash diet, your body will break down muscle tissue, which is the very opposite of what you want and will leave you weak and unhealthy. Alevere Therapy is different. It allows you to lose weight quickly and predictably without losing muscle or slowing down your metabolic rate. It also combines the latest technologies to tighten your skin as you lose the weight, so you're not left with lots of excess.

Would I be better off having surgery?

We don’t think so. Surgery, in our opinion, is much more expensive, invasive, unpleasant, risky and doesn’t always work. Gastric banding, ballooning, and gastric bypass surgery can cause nasty side-effects like bloating, nausea, stomach pain and bowel upsets. They can even mean that you don’t get enough nutrition, which could be disastrous.

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