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Our Dental Surgeon tells us all about Teeth Whitening!

We all smile...

The whiter the smile, the better we seem to feel and the greater the first impression you’ll make.


Why do we want white teeth?

In a recent survey (June 2016) the Oral Health Foundation discovered that nearly half the population in the UK are unhappy with their teeth! A whopping 48% were unhappy, and then 64% of those were specifically unhappy with the colour of their teeth - this being listed as the main reason for those being unhappy.

As we age, our teeth become much duller and form stains from red wine, tea, coffee, food colourings and smoking can take their toll. With shows such as Love Island on TV, and thousands of Social Media Influences at every turn, it’s becoming more and more mainstream to get that "perfect smile". The way we look clearly affects how we feel – with millions of photos and selfies being shared every minute on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook and made available for all to see. For many of us, the thought of being tagged in an unflattering photo is never a nice feeling as we all want to look our best. So much so, there are now "filters" hiding our imperfections as well as filters that turn our faces into animals!

We are now more image conscious than ever and would rather send a silly picture of ourselves than be judged on a real one.


How do we get whiter teeth?

If we head to our high-street pharmacy or supermarket, we come across a sea of whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes and kits, and it’s tempting to try them to save a bit of money...

Perhaps you have already tried them? If you have, it’s more than likely you will have been disappointed with the results. Clever marketing might be persuasive, but the reality is that these products won’t necessarily whiten your teeth, but may help to maintain whiteness. If used over a period of time, they may help to keep stains away better than a normal 'non-whitening' toothpaste.

Please be wary of smoker’s toothpaste, which can be especially abrasive to tooth enamel.


Why don’t over the counter kits work well?

The reason why over the counter kits don’t tend to work is purely due to the weakness of the active ingredient in them. Kits only release up to 0.1% peroxide and may contain acids like chlorine dioxide that may do your teeth more harm than good.


What’s the alternative?

Having your teeth whitened professionally at a Dental Clinic will use products with up to 6% peroxide – this is a stronger concentration is much more effective than anything you could buy over the counter!

There are methods that we can use to ensure that the relevant strengths are used for each individual to ensure whitening goals are reached safely and effectively in a clean environment. By law, only Dental Practitioners can sell high strength whitening products.


The Process

At Zenith Cosmetic Clinics, it is possible to get a whiter and brighter smile using safe and reliable methods!

The process is especially easy in a patient that has healthy teeth and gums and can be as simple as a Scale & Polish or Airflow Stain Removal. If a professional and official teeth whitening process is decided, accurate moulds are taken of your teeth and your own personalised trays are made. Your Cosmetic Dentist will then teach you how to apply the special whitening gel to your teeth, using the tray system each night and then the process begins.

Results happen very quickly! Patients have an option to complete the process with lower concentrations or may choose to have even better results combined with higher strength products that are applied under the supervision of the clinic. In this scenario, more active peroxide gel is used and the process is sped up using an LED or laser light for a more "WOW" effect.


Do I need to keep revisiting the Clinic?

Every couple of months, you can top up at the clinic with one-application meaning that the results last indefinitely! However, it is not compulsory that you keep returning... Patients will also have access to the gels with very little extra cost for maintenance.


How long does it take to get whiter teeth?

The time taken to whiten will vary from individual to individual, depending on the condition of the teeth, the level of staining, and the type of whitening system used. The vast majority of patients should already see an improvement within 3 days!



The author at Zenith Dental Clinic, Dr Edward Young, has gained extensive experience in Cosmetic Dentistry using a number of well-known teeth whitening systems and has obtained successful results.

He has previously been named Finalist in the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards in 2014, 2015 and 2017.

He is happy to address your personal concerns with your smile and looks forward in welcoming you to our clinic!


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