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Fat Removal & Weight Loss

Sometimes that little bit of extra fat just won’t budge with diet and exercise, so here at Zenith Cosmetic Clinics we offer a range of fat removal solutions from BodyTite to Tummy Tuck. Our range of fat removal and weight loss treatments are designed to target loose and sagging skin that appears as a result of weight loss. We pride ourselves to always offer innovative solutions to match each of our patients' needs, always finding ways to help you on your journey to a more confident you.

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Assessing Your Current Situation

Initially, we’d like to invite you in for a fat removal surgery consultation with our highly sought after doctor, Dr Maini who has over 20 years of experience in the field of fat loss. Depending on the treatment, whether its fat removal with or without surgery, or laser fat removal you will gain full knowledge of all the treatments you are interested in, and any you may know little about.

We will then go on to assess you and find out more about your current situation so that we fully understand what you are looking to achieve from fat removal following weight loss. Once we have finished with our consultation, we will be able to recommend an exact fat removal treatment or combination plan that we believe is best for you. We’re here to help you start your fat removal journey to a happier you!

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Goal: Get rid of fat and tighten loose skin

Most of us have excess fat on some part of our face or body and this can’t always be targetted and reduced through diet and exercise. Fortunately, we have some excellent fat removal treatments designed to remove fat and target loose skin. An important consideration is whether you can take the time required to recover from surgery, or whether a non-surgical option would be better for you.

Similarly, if you’ve already lost significant weight, or have noticed your skin getting looser as you age, a skin tightening procedure might be exactly what you need to improve your appearance. Whether your aim is to tighten your stomach skin, loose skin on your face or other areas of your body, all of the treatments we offer for skin tightening have minimal downtime so you can get back to your normal activities quickly.

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Fat Removal Options

Here at Zenith Cosmetic Clinics Nottingham and London, we have a range of fat removal treatments available to suit all your needs. We offer both surgical and non-surgical treatments and are willing to work with you to achieve your ideal weight goal.

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Surgical Fat Removal Treatments


Liposuction (or surgical fat removal) is a body sculpting surgical procedure designed to target and remove stubborn areas of fat in your body. It's important to remember that this is not a treatment to lose weight. There are a couple of different types of liposuction depending on your needs and situation. View the options available to you here:

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Vaser Liposuction

Vaser Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that offers an advanced approach to fat removal and body shaping available. It is ideal for all areas of the body, including the stomach, and is especially effective in those resistant to diet and exercise. Patients also benefit from very little downtime. Want to find out more about this treatment?

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Tummy tuck

A tummy tuck (medically known as an abdominoplasty) is an operation designed to remove excess fat and loose skin from the tummy area. In some cases, the surgeon can also restore weakened or separated stomach muscles at the same time. This fat removal treatment is perfect for people who have lost a considerable amount of weight or have had a baby. Find out more:

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Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Brachioplasty, also known as an Arm Lift, is a surgical procedure that reduces the circumference of the upper arms and removes excess lax skin. This is the perfect fat removal procedure for those who have sagging skin on their arms, due to weight loss or as a result of natural ageing. Find out more about this treatment we offer in Nottingham:

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Non-Surgical Fat Removal Treatments


BodyTite is the most advanced, permanent method of removing fat and tightening the skin simultaneously. It is a revolutionary method of non-surgical fat removal and reduction that utilises radio frequency technology, and is often referred to as laser skin tightening. If you're looking for a less invasive option for liposuction, this skin tightening treatment could be perfect for you. Find out more below:

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NeckTite tightens the skin on your neck whilst removing fat at the same time, and is often referred to as a laser neck lift. This tightening and lifting treatment is specifically designed to tighten the skin on your neck without causing damage to any of the delicate areas nearby, making it one of the best treatments for sagging neck and jowls. Find out more about this procedure below:

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Aqualyx is a further non-surgical fat removal procedure where a solution is injected into stubborn areas of fat to dissolve them. It's great at targeting areas such as the chin, stomach, love handles and male chest, as well as the inner and outer thighs that are often affected as a result of weight gain. Find out more about this service below:

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Dr Maini will assess your current situation, and what it is you want to achieve so that we can recommend the best fat removal treatment to work towards your goals. Whether you're looking to tighten loose skin after weight loss, or aren't feeling as confident in your body post-pregnancy, we have a treatment designed for you.

We will only book in a surgical or non-surgical fat removal treatment once you have had a full consultation with either your doctor or clinician.

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Is non surgical fat removal always best?

It’s impossible to say whether non surgical fat removal methods are better or worse than surgical fat removals, as it really does depend on the individual. What is suitable for one patient may not be suitable for another due to their body and their lifestyle choices. If you’re thinking about fat removal and skin tightening, or want to know more about what is involved in the process (whether that’s surgical or non-surgical fat removal), the best thing to do is to book a consultation with us. We’re here to help, and let you know all the details you need to know about fat removal.

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Did you know that you can book your consultation in either of our cosmetic clinics in Nottingham or London? We’re dedicated to providing a high quality, personal and convenient service for each and every one of our patients, making it as easy as possible for you to gain access to our highly skilled practitioners. So why not get started on your journey today? Book in at our Nottingham or London clinic today, we can’t wait to see you soon.

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So why not start the journey to a happier and more confident you? Book a consultation with our surgeons in Nottingham or London today. We have a range of treatment options available at both Zenith Cosmetics in Nottingham and London.

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