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NeckTite – Non-Surgical Necklift

NeckTite is a revolutionary response to the need to tighten skin in the chin area when removing fat.

Its legendary big brother BodyTite is well known for its ability to tighten skin, better than any other system on the planet.

Obviously though BodyTite is not best suited to treating under the smaller chin area.

The clever chaps at Invasix came up with NeckTite.

  • NeckTite can be viewed as the smaller sibling of BodyTite and not functionally any different.
  • It heats skin in the same way, sucks fat in just the same way, but is smaller and easier to handle.

NeckTite – The Minimally Invasive Jaw & Neck Tightening Procedure

Based on the successful technology behind BodyTite using Radio Frequency, NeckTite is the most advanced treatment in the world for loose neck skin and fat.  The treatment is specifically designed to treat the neck with aspiration but without causing any damage to any of the delicate areas nearby and reducing the “Turkey Neck” appearance that liposuction or cosmetic surgery can give the patient.

NeckTite even after such a short time, is beginning to show that Surgery is not always the answer for the neck, a traditionally  difficult  area to treat. Its significant Skin Tightening and Fat removal is giving excellent natural looking results, without the extensive scarring which can be expected with surgery. Apart from the most excessive skin laxity which result following extreme weight loss, NeckTite will probably soon be considered the first line treatment in this area.

At a Glance

  • Specifically designed to treat the face and neck without causing any damage to any of the delicate areas nearby.
  • FaceTite™ is the most advanced treatment in the world for loose facial and neck skin
  • FaceTite™ causes the skin to tighten by 40% instantly
  • Minimally invasive FaceTite™ creating skin tightening with virtually no scarring and no stitches required


What our patients say about Zenith Cosmetic Clinics

  • “The zenith team were polite approachable and welcoming staff who provide a confidential service in a pleasant environment. Completely understanding towards sensitive issues.
    — Trudy K. on Our Team
  • “The zenith team were very professional and friendly.”
    — Ann H. on The Zenith Team
  • Doctor Maini is a kindly man. Professional and realistic in his approach and expectations of the outcome of treatments (Only interested in long term results). Health advice/ psychological support is delivered alongside treatments. He explains and documents with precision, giving time and attention to individualised sessions”
    — Trudy K. on Our Team


NeckTite as you may have gathered is the younger brother of the BodyTite cannula, thus the procedure is done in exactly the same way.

Local anaesthetic is infiltrated in to the fatty chin with a fine cannula. The NeckTite cannula is inserted and the fat is heated and skin tightened.

When we have the skin to the required temperature and seen it tightening up, the melted oil/fat is very gently removed.

A supportive neck garment is worn for 3 days and most people need no more than 2 paracetamol.

Bruising is minimal and results are visible very soon, within a few days. We ask that patients avoid blood thinning medication for 5 days.

Very occasional patients can take longer, others can take a second treatment to tighten the skin further, especially if older or there is significant damage to the skin.

Read our patient reviews:


Please see BodyTite gallery for pictures of patients treated with NeckTite.

Why choose your NeckTite – Non-Surgical Necklift procedure at Zenith

Zenith - Peace of mind
  • Clinician led clinic, on call 24 hours a day
  • Local doctors
  • Very high success rate
  • Skype consultations (Not available for varicose vein treatments)
  • Free follow up appointments (as determined by the Doctor Excluding varicose vein treatments )
  • No hidden costs
  • A personalised and tailored service
Zenith - trust the experts
  • 98% patient satisfaction
  • High patient recommendation rate
  • Extensive patient testimonials
  • Extensive NHS experience
  • Medical experts with over 20 years experience
  • National training centre for BodyTite™ training doctors in the UK and the world
Zenith - in safe hands
  • Purpose built, state-of-the-art treatment rooms
  • Latest equipment, technology and techniques available
  • Registered with the Care Quality Commission and the General Medical Council (GMC)
  • Members of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD)


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