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Wart Removal

What is a Wart or Verruca?

A wart is a lump of skin cells that is growing abnormally due to infection with a virus. Most will have heard of the aptly named Human Papilloma Virus.

There are many subtypes of this virus that can cause cervical cancer amongst other illnesses. Most are completely harmless BUT can be unsightly and painful.

Why Should I consider Wart Removal?

Warts go away – don’t they?
No they do not. More often than not they tend to spread and although specific lesions can regress, it is more common that there will be a number of warts around where the first lesion was.

What is the Best Method of Wart Removal?

Literally hundreds of methods have been passed down through the centuries including such wonderful treatments as fasting spittle.

Radiosurgery or Radio Surgical Wart Removal
Once the gels have been tried, this is our preferred method. It is quick, relatively painless and works well for multiple warts. They very occasionally regrow initially after treatment. Normally 1-4 treatments are enough to remove the most difficult warts that have been resistant to all other methods. Scarring is minimal or non existent.

Wart Removal Gels
Wart removal gels commonly contain powerful acids that burn the wart. These have to be applied carefully and can be successful if applied daily for a number of months to fresh young warts. Against bigger tougher warts, one has to be more circumspect about the chances of success.

Wart Removal by Freezing (Cryotherapy)
Liquid Nitrogen has been used and can remove smaller warts in a number of treatments. However it is painful and can blister. Successful in 35-65% of warts in the various studies that have been done.

Laser Wart Removal
The laser treatment works by selective absorption of laser energy by the blood supply, which feeds the wart. The treated area then separates from the dermis and eventually falls off. Use of the laser wart treatment does, in many cases cause a discoloration and a bruise of the skin known as a pupura that lasts for about ten days. Laser wart treatment can leave some scarring and is quite painful at the time but not after the treatment like Liquid Nitrogen.

Available Treatments:

Radio Surgery

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What our patients say about Zenith Cosmetic Clinics

  • “The zenith team were polite approachable and welcoming staff who provide a confidential service in a pleasant environment. Completely understanding towards sensitive issues.
    — Trudy K. on Our Team
  • “The zenith team were very professional and friendly.”
    — Ann H. on The Zenith Team
  • Doctor Maini is a kindly man. Professional and realistic in his approach and expectations of the outcome of treatments (Only interested in long term results). Health advice/ psychological support is delivered alongside treatments. He explains and documents with precision, giving time and attention to individualised sessions”
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Why choose your Wart Removal procedure at Zenith

Zenith - Peace of mind
  • Clinician led clinic, on call 24 hours a day
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  • Skype consultations (Not available for varicose vein treatments)
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  • No hidden costs
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Zenith - trust the experts
  • 98% patient satisfaction
  • High patient recommendation rate
  • Extensive patient testimonials
  • Extensive NHS experience
  • Medical experts with over 20 years experience
  • National training centre for BodyTite™ training doctors in the UK and the world
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  • Purpose built, state-of-the-art treatment rooms
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